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What the general between the woman, a cat and a bird? (T. Gorshunova`s pictures)

In pictures of Tatyana Gorshunova . In them there is no sound and there is no movement, but there is a color, a smell and touch. Also there is no plot. All stood

It is the gentle world. With it it is necessary to handle the greatest care that a careless touch not to break its fragile balance.

Is the sleeping world. Here always early twilight, time of vague tomleniye and uncertain dream reign.

is the world of loneliness and intense, but worthy expectation. World of illusions. World of light imaginations. Her heroine suited the life, but in it something (someone?) is not enough. Even cats in pictures - waiting. Heat of the center is very important for it. And the woman - as a beregina... but as insufficient part of this world. Not incidentally in one of pictures at components to steam of man and woman on one eye. That is they are defective one by one - only together.

Style of the letter of Gorshunova is far from habitual realism. But in it is hidden quotes from Modigliani , Chagall`s , - and those who could distinguish and respond them will never cry out Picasso`s zhlobsky you will think, I too so can .

Such slogans - destiny narrow-minded fighters for the " standard;. And there is no standard. The seeming simplicity and negligence are deceptive - here everything is verified, all precisely, counterbalanced. Her pictures - not in order that the viewer examined: and here such there is a cat, and here such birdie they bear other loading - to tell deep thought about life. The naturalism is inappropriate here, it is the warm and gentle world. It is similar

to a dream in which dreams the lonely woman that it is independent as a cat to whom it dreams that she is a bird...

1. The world of things

These objects live. They interact as the polyphonic fugue. The woman - a birdie on a branch. The world in a window - and silence of the cozy house, a pear, flowers in pots, cats and birds the Set of objects is limited by

and repeats: these are pears - apples, the iron or a teapot, a receptacle (a vase, a basket), dry flowers or a succulent in a pot, musical instruments and a lamp. An oil lamp, the ancient pig-iron iron, a crooked rough teapot - signs of the Cosiness which is not bought, and molded for years and kind hands and Houses, symbols of the family center, harmony in the house, in a family, aspirations of the woman to create and keep stability of the world around itself and the favourite people.

These objects are nostalgic, but in them there is nothing vintage postcard. They are written neprichesanno abruptly and angularly, but to these is that they and create a cosiness. Pictures of Gorshunova are written so that the eye was pleasing and the soul had a rest, having dived into the world of tranquility and air freedom...

In its interiors the window figures prominently. The window is that separates our small inner world from big external. The window introduces feeling of safety, is warm INSIDE when it can be outside cold. With a cat and flowerpots on a window sill - just classical sign of a cosiness which was once we reject a window, but all the same remained important and invariable...

2. Bless people and animals

From living characters in the world of Gorshunova cozy women of modilyaniyevsky type, a cat and bird most often meet. They (both those, and others, and the third) sit in static poses, having slightly inclined the head. Their force - in their weakness . It is the most correct female force: power of water, taking the vessel form, it envelops, but can take and carry away.

of the Pear too exclusively womanly, with oblong narrow part. Birds - defenseless, extended and graceful. And too thoughtful...

2. 1. Cats and cats (and actually cats) in pictures it is a lot of

of Cats, and they are different.

Here a cat it seems sleeps, but one eye is open - she means does not sleep, and sensitively observes, with an ulterior motive it is placed in a context of a utilitarian still life with an oil lamp, another looks in both face, but a look absolutely pensively - naive and therefore near it - it is perfect decorative a flowerpot with a cockleshell. Two forms of the woman in the modern world

A here a black, bright and strong copy - precisely a cat. And a look at it not with detachment - contemplate, and opposite - concentrated, purely man`s. Definitely, he watches the birdie who sat down on a window or estimates how to get sour cream from buffet. The getter

Sometimes the cat and the woman carry on them one clear dialogue, but both that and others are more often are absolutely shipped in themselves...

2. 2.

of Birds it is a lot of bird too while a bird - not the most typical thing in interiors. In pictures of Gorshunova the bird symbolizes duality of the personality. The bird is on the one hand the being capable to fly and live carefree ( God`s birdie ), but on the other hand it is almost always the careful parent ( As chicken with " egg;) . by

Perhaps, birds even in something are opposed to cats: there is a strict cat, and nearby extended a neck a bird - even not in a cage, and it is rather in a flask, the cat looks down, and a bird, of course, up... And here the bird took seat on a cat`s mustache at all, and she is so easy that the mustache was not even bent! And a cat against a house wall, and a bird - against the blue, blue sky! And the woman in an environment of birds, flying and with a plumelet on a hat - it from their pack...

2. 3. Ladies and beregin

the Hostess of all this is the thoughtful woman sitting at a window. Is in it and some loneliness, and light grief and not dissipated dream of the prince charming

Female (female!) Gorshunova`s painting draws to us in all paints an inner world of the woman as the world full of beauty, kindness, harmony. Not incidentally names of some works of Gorshunova include the word bereginya - keeper of the house and center, pre-Christian times house deity.

the Warm, golden woman holds in hand a thread with a bow - for game with a cat, but it is not mobile and the cat does not pay attention to a toy, she looks far for backs of the audience. Light grief of the lonely woman with a cat. Though if it has a cat, then it is not so lonely... the Scarlet figure holds

in hand not a lute, not a domra - but does not play, the brought hand and stiffened, and nearby lie still a violin and something like a flute: probably, the maiden did not solve on what to play... Poured to itself milk ( Red Cup ) and forgot to drink. it is simple to

to play a musical instrument, but not to play to compose a beautiful melody or it to be pleasant to someone. But if to play - that so to captivate even birds. It is simple to pour in a beautiful red cup of milk, but not to pour to drink it from - for useful properties or feeling of hunger, it is simple to move the beautiful varnished chess figures, but not to seek to win...

2. 4. Harlequins, Harlequins...

in this world Bright Clowns, Harlequins who bear aspiration to decorative beauty - the light, simple and joyful, deprived any reflection, in a counterbalance " Are; as a real man to the loaded, analytical and glossy beauty front doors pictures. And maybe, in it there is also some symbol of impracticality to ordinary, rigid reality? Desire to leave her to the Fine Fairy tale? In hands at the Harlequin - a bird, though not blue, but also not a titmouse.

Sad Piero - too with a bird, definitely blue, she sat down on his hand, at any time ready to flush and dash away. There is also Kolombina, she holds a cage, but a bird - nearby, it on freedom, and is clear that it is eternally free Dream.

3. Colors and lines

At first sight pictures seem soft, but it gives the chance to properly experience color: palevo - the pink cat especially well shades mindalno - pink apples in a basket. On the girl`s face written in color a sea wave ( Bird - catcher ) - pink lips are especially expressive. A picture in olive scale - - here plays bluish metal of the case of a lamp. A grayish lamp and a vase remarkably emphasize warmth of an apricot and game of sunshine among shelves.

Skill of the artist is amazing - the lamp is written literally to two - three lines, and meanwhile it absolutely tin, it real to a smell of kerosene and a soot . This really high and incomprehensible class! I can understand still how, having studied years, it is possible to master Geda and Potter`s high equipment and to draw photographic brightly and precisely a hare, lemons and a cup, but as, tell HOW to learn to draw a curve, clumsy line, two - and here it, the live paraffin stove, rough and sticky?

Ya would call these pictures - teplotsentrichny. Bewitching. Attracting and attracting the rest, peacefulness and the promise of harmony and love.

Is in her pictures one more interesting effect - on the one hand the background is most moved up to the neighbor, and on the other hand the viewer is strongly involved in space of a picture and it is covered by it as a whirlpool.

I all women and cats and birds in pictures - are silent and look afar, through the viewer and for the viewer , and think, think. Eventually considering pictures begins to seem steadily that he is captured by a picture, it is involved in it that he is absent at all...

But if not only to read article, and will comment and will estimate - we will be convinced that the audience all - is.