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How not to be trapped on a visit abroad?

It is known that in each country the culture and the customs. Some customs of one country can just shock people from another. I lived in such countries as Sweden, Norway and Holland. Here about cultural traditions of hospitality of these three countries I also want to write today.

I will begin, perhaps, with Sweden . If you were invited on a visit in the Swedish family, the first that you should make, having entered the house - to be undressed. And, it is necessary to make it on a polovichka, without going in footwear in a corridor. I, in due time, on imprudence took couple of steps in a corridor, owners right there came running with rags, began to wipe up for me a floor.

Unlike the concept " known to us; buffet when people just approach a table and take I go, I in Sweden did not face it. Families where I was invited, had supper sitting at the big laid table (as well as we in our culture). But there is one difference: the dessert, piece of cake and coffee, moves already at other table - it is, as a rule, a small coffee table. Guests settle down on chairs, or sofas around it. All feast lasts rather not for long. The dinner takes at most half an hour and as much - tea drinking. Then guests go home at once. If you, suddenly, decided to remain longer, to chat with owners, will begin to glance at you askance.

As for Norway , here, as well as in Sweden, it is necessary to remove footwear at once on a polovichka as soon as you entered the house. In Norway very expensive alcohol therefore if you were invited suddenly on a visit in the Norwegian family, you by all means should buy alcoholic drink which you love, say, wine in shop and to bring it with itself on a visit where you its also will drink. Each Norwegian comes on a visit with the alcohol and all evening drinks it. If at the Norwegian family any celebration and you invited it to note in restaurant, you have to come surely there with money. Because Norwegians to invite - that invited, and here they are not going to pay a dinner for the guests. Everyone at restaurant pays for himself.

And in Holland traditions very much differ from the Scandinavian. If you were invited on a visit by the Dutch family, safely come into the house in footwear. In Holland all go to footwear, even members of household every day on the apartment. From there are constantly dirty floors. If you decided to be undressed, nevertheless, then in five minutes of stay in the Dutch house your socks (stockings) will be black, even if you came to white.

Dutches begin the feast with cake. And, cake is served without coffee or tea. It will be offered to you to eat piece of cake, and, say, in half an hour will offer you tea or coffee. Sugar almost is never brought, most of Dutches drink tea and coffee without sugar, however, as well as Scandinavians.

Usually, on it the Dutch hospitality also comes to an end: you ate one piece of cake (will not offer you more), and soon went home. Happens, however, that invite you and to a dinner. Then day begins the same as I described above, from cake. Then guests spend a couple of hours behind conversation, and owners go to make a dinner. They prepare a little. It is an ordinary hot dinner, say, potatoes with sausages. There is no it that the table burst with products.

Dutches, unlike Scandinavians, adore buffet . The food costs on one table, everyone approaches there, takes a plate and imposes to herself then it sits down on the place and eats with a plate on a lap (very inconvenient thing, I will tell you, especially, if at you also a glass with drink, it has to be put on a floor).

But tradition of a dinner is, just, very rare. If you are invited on a visit, as a rule, it there will be one piece of cake. Therefore do not make the mistake made by me in the very first time when I was invited in Holland on a visit. I ate in the afternoon nothing, prepared for a plentiful feast. On a visit I received one piece of cake and tea without sugar. Having arrived home, I snatched on the refrigerator terribly hungry.

And in the conclusion, there is a wish to add a couple of words about gifts. In the Scandinavian countries it is not accepted to give expensive gifts, literally, going on anniversary, the familiar Norwegian bought the girlfriend a hanger - a hook for a kitchen wall, and friends of the familiar Swede on anniversary presented it a card one for three. On my surprise about such cheap gift, the Norwegian, for example, answered so: main thing not a gift, but attention. But in Holland quite expensive gifts give, it is already closer to our culture. One gift can cost from 30 to 100 euros.

I hope, my councils will be useful to you if brings you on a visit in the above-mentioned countries.