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How to make Valentine`s Day card ? A sweet gift - heart

the Reason for a gift are always, whether it be a holiday or just family event.

But quite often rises a question of what to present? How to surprise? And where to find a lot of money?

For this purpose it is not necessary to run at the other end of the world, everything will be in the next shop. And not the fact that someone from you has to have clever fingers or superopportunities, everything is simple. And how to make of what is candy I will prompt.

This method of creation of a present is quite available also to men who have a wife or the ladylove - and do not think to wave away, a pier: this business young! Anything similar! And if you present creation of the hands - it will pleasantly surprise, and you can quite receive a deserved compliment for originality. Here instruction for creation:

For this purpose cut out two strips from a piece of cardboard (the pack from - under flakes will approach), their length is equal one and a half heights hearts and width of strips will be is the maximum thickness of a product. Then apply strips to each other and fasten with the ordinary stapler at first one party, and then bend the ends in cardboard strips. The form, the most similar to a heart has to turn out!

If it seems to you that it is similar one apple more or something else Means, somewhere fastened incorrectly. But it is possible to consider also such option, the recommendation - in that case to rename a product, we will allow in sweet apple ! It is also possible to experiment with a polyhedron form, but at increase in the size respectively increase thickness, and that the gift will be fragile.

And now we add to usual sugar for color of a little cherry juice, but that weight remained dense. We disturb, we disturb. Then we add 1/2 or the whole egg white (if a product more than a half of A4 of a leaf). Under a form we put a cellophane bag and we throw out a miracle - mix! You can poke pieces of chocolate, caramel there and everything that else can be found from sladkikhzapas. And who will not be afraid, it is possible to thrust a stick in this creation, having turned into huge heart (apple) - lollipop! When everything dries and will get stronger - to shift in beautiful packing and to wish to the recipient of a dolce vita!

Pleasantly and cheerfully to do it together with the child whose imagination will offer a weight more of options how to decorate and pack. And the kid can do it itself, for the grandmother and the grandfather whom, of course it will be pleasant.

all ingenious - is simple!