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Whether it is necessary to keep more than one cat in the house?

the situation when the half-starved kitten asks for the house is familiar to you? And you let in And once again. Then picked up, then to you threw and then Friends, neighbors, strangers already everywhere tell that you have a kind heart. The first foundlings are followed by the uneven-age teenagers expelled, become unnecessary there are kittens who did not find in time the owner, and so far you do not speak is not present you bring together the whole army of cats.

There is other situation. You have a charming ordinary cat, but you wanted to have thoroughbred. At first you decide on one. Then on one, and you are covered by fever of cultivation of cats. You buy a cat, and there is a temptation from posterity to grow up elite, and you will not leave the finest young growth until they do not become very much that you feverishly begin to look for new owners.

So, on the question How many cats in the house - are not enough? as a rule, it is impossible to give a clear, definite answer. But there are starting points found koshkovodam and fans - fanatics with whose, often, alas, bitter experience it is worth getting acquainted. Skilled veterinarians agree with these provisions.

Never take cats more, than at you is hands that to stroke them. This procedure is very important for cats. In England where think of these animals very much, there is even such saying: If not to iron a cat, at her marrow " will dry;. Certainly, British do not attach to this saying literal significance, but it eloquently speaks about need of caress for a cat.

Each of your companions on the dwelling can form around himself the zone taboo - pass - a site which other cats should bypass.

For normal physical and mental development each cat needs not less than five square meters own housing .

Under no circumstances do not allow to persuade to open animals shelter if it your purse does not allow.

If you intend to share life not with one, and with a couple or quartet kitties, it is better to take them all at once.

The sisters and brothers of one dung who grew up together, as a rule, get on with each other during all life.

It is proved that the castrated cats are most tolerant to newcomer and in relation to kittens they often undertake a role mothers also acquaint teenagers with the house schedule. Well they are on friendly terms also with cats - ladies.

On the contrary, cats jealously protect the right of superiority and favourably accept only a young animal who will always play " subsequently; second violin .

To accustom to each other two whimsical self-confident self-check, experience and a fine feeling is required. And even if it will work well, can happen that for one of two you should look for new owners. Because if after three weeks the home world is still not adjusted, there is a threat of the long war causing a stress not only to cats.

The same can be told also about cats. If in a month hostility did not stop, it is necessary to try to separate two squabblers.

It would be possible not to speak about hygiene of housing. It needless to say. Each animal has to have an own toilet (a box, a tray and so on). In others pot any representative of these egocentric animals will not go. And you will toil with the spoiled furniture and a floor.

Ideally cats, especially long-haired, it is necessary to brush daily. To change laying in process of pollution by wool. So, you understand if you are not able to fulfill the listed requirements, vital for cats, think: And whether you need to get an animal in general? .