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What eat pumpkin with? The winter menu (part III)

This remarkable vegetable can just be stored very long in the apartment, and the nutritious properties is not inferior to other to relatives . It is especially useful in a vegetarian diet where there are no sources of vitamin A of an animal origin.

Pumpkin is easily acquired by an organism, seldom causes allergic reaction. It does it by a valuable product of baby food. Pumpkin sunflower seeds - a fine source of iron and phosphorus, are rich with potassium, manganese and zinc.

In traditional medicine pumpkin sunflower seeds are recommended as antivermicular means, they should be accepted in a combination to laxative, for example with castor oil. They are also used at treatment of diseases of a prostate gland and urinogenital system.

Pumpkin is really good. Only not everyone can prepare with pumpkin something. Unless porridge and that according to the recipe, approximate to Russian cuisine.

The real Russian porridge from pumpkin is cooked so. Cut fresh vegetable, having cut off a peel and having chosen seeds. Put in a pan, fill in with water and allow to uvaritsya well. When pieces become soft, throw back on a sieve and allow to flow down to water. Pumpkin is pounded and filled in with boiled milk, add a little millet and oils, and again put on small fire (better in an oven) - to sweat .

Apples salad. to Rub 500 grams of pumpkin and 2 large apples on a large grater. To fill with a half of a glass of honey.

Beet salad. 300 grams of pumpkin and one average sizes beet to grate, add dried prunes (50 grams), it is a little cinnamon and vegetable oil.

Soup dairy with trickled pastries. to fill in 3 glasses of the pumpkin cut by pieces with boiled water and to cook to readiness, then to wipe through a sieve. To pour in 1,5 liters of milk in pumpkin, to add sugar, salt and oil to taste.

From flour (1,5 glasses), eggs and waters to knead dough. To prepare small trickled pastries, to weld them in podsolyonny water and to put in soup.

Pumpkin, stewed with rice and raisin. to cut 500 grams of pumpkin in small cubes, to fill in with hot water and to cook 15 minutes. To merge water, to add a glass of boiled rice, a half-glass of milk or cream, honey to taste and to extinguish 20 minutes. For 15 minutes to fill in with boiled water of a half-glass of carefully washed out raisin. To take out raisin from water and to add to pumpkin together with 50 grams of oil.

Kissel. to grate Pumpkin on a small grater. To part 2 tablespoons of starch in a glass of milk. To separately boil 2 glasses of milk with salt to taste. To pour in the divorced starch a thin stream in the boiling milk, to bring to boiling, to remove from fire, to mix with pumpkin, to warm up, but not to boil. To give cooled. It is possible to add sugar and vanillin to taste.

Sweets. to Extinguish 100 grams of pumpkin that became soft. To pound until white 50 grams of sugar and 50 grams of margarine. To mix them with pumpkin, the shaken-up egg, a cinnamon pinch, 100 grams of raisin and a half of a glass of milk. To add 350 grams of flour and to knead dough. To divide it into 8 chastey to roll balls. To put balls on a baking sheet in well warmed oven (200 degrees), to bake, will not be reddened yet (minutes twenty). To give warm or cold.

Pie. to clear One kilogram of pumpkin of a peel, to cut and put in a pan together with 120 grams of butter; to hold on fire, soft mashed potatoes will not turn out yet. If pumpkin is badly softened, to pass it via the meat grinder or to wipe through a sieve. Oil should not darken. To soak 40 pieces of prunes, to take out stones and to mix with pumpkin, having added 2 glasses of cream and sugar to taste. When cools down, to fill with this stuffing a form from the test and to put in strongly heated oven that pumpkin became covered by a crisp.

Bon appetit!