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How meteodependence at different times is shown year?

the Healthy person have good adaptation potential and almost does not feel change of weather conditions. Its organism is in dynamic balance with environmental conditions. Changes of weather stir up activity of many systems, as if training a human body.

But the people having chronic diseases are especially sensitive to weather changing. Supervision of doctors show that there are most typical combinations of the weather factors which are negatively influencing an organism of the people having chronic diseases. In summertime it is high temperature of air, high humidity and low atmospheric pressure.

The increased humidity with a low atmospheric pressure at patients warmly - vascular and a bronchial tube - pulmonary diseases increase oxygen insufficiency which they already test. Besides, high humidity of air complicates sweating that in combination with high temperature of air promotes overheating of an organism. All this has an adverse effect on action of the heart, blood vessels and lungs.

With a high atmospheric pressure and low (within average climatic norms) temperature and humidity of air there can also be angiospasms and bronchial tubes, a headache and other complications. To adapt an organism to weather conditions, it is necessary to happen more in the open air, to air workers and premises more often.

These days it is necessary to reduce physical activity, not to carry heavy bags, not to start washing or cleaning of the apartment. It is necessary to pay attention and to food: limit meat, fat and farinaceous dishes, give preference to curdled milk, kefir, cottage cheese, and also vegetables and fruit. Drink juice, fruit drinks, mineral water. And at all alcohol which strengthens angiospasms with all that it implies.

The sharp cold snap during the summer period, especially with wind and high humidity, both at high, and with a low atmospheric pressure brings to patients warmly - vascular diseases the raised tone of peripheral vessels. In days of a cold snap they have to observe appointments of the doctor especially strictly. And that who have bronchial tube diseases - pulmonary system or joints, - to avoid cooling, to limit walks, physical activity.

Ideal weather in summertime is when sunny days, air temperature is within 18 - 27 degrees, humidity moderate (56 - 71 percent), and atmospheric pressure - 750 - 760 millimeters of mercury column. Such combinations of weather conditions are favorable for all.

During the winter period frosty weather with the increased humidity and strong wind is especially heavy for patients. Such weather in combination with high atmospheric pressure quite often causes angiospasms and bronchial tubes. It is necessary to avoid physical activities, disorders these days, not to leave whenever possible the house.

It is regularly necessary to air the apartment and the working room, but at the same time to avoid drafts. And, in spite of the fact that the health can be not really good (slackness, weakness), doctors recommend to do morning exercises surely. Ideal weather in the winter when it is dry, a frost does not exceed 20 degrees, and atmospheric pressure - 750 - 760 millimeters of mercury column.

As for the interseasonal periods, physicians, and at this time the people suffering warmly - vascular diseases state, more others are sensitive to changes of weather. During these interseasonal periods sick it is warm - vascular diseases by a doctor`s advice have to increase a dose of medicines which they accept.

As experts advise, an organism it is necessary to train. For this purpose it is necessary to do daily cool rubdowns, douches, a contrast shower and other water procedures. To patients, people of old age and children before beginning the tempering water procedures, it is necessary to consult to the doctor who is better to choose a hardening method taking into account a disease and the general condition of an organism.

As you can see, secrets of fight against negative influences of change of weather are rather simple, do not demand titanic efforts and expenses. The effect depends on weight of your illnesses and on your desire to be in good physical shape.