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Giving. Paradise or penal servitude?

With approach of warm spring, summer days all Russians are divided on circles on interests .

Summer residents are fanatics . It is time to dig! It is time to put! It is time to weed! It is time to mow! Etc.

of of Dachenenavistniki . Again to dig?! Again to put?! Again to weed?! Etc.

of Lucky - happy owners of a corner of the nature for rest, sincere talk, family holidays and meetings with friends.

Indifferent. Are deprived of my attention because of extremely small quantity. Let`s see really things - the probability that all this country hurricane some wonderfully will pass by is simply insignificant.

If you were lucky, and you by a lucky chance belong to 3 - y to group, perhaps, this article not for you. However, everything in life is changeable, and harmony needs to be maintained. Listen to my councils which will help to keep this fragile balance.

So, several scenarios are possible.

the Scenario 1 - y - optimistical. All your family and most of friends belongs or to 1 - y, or to 2 - y to group. It just what I call a circle on interests . All are busy with favourite business, there are no conflicts - there are no problems. I congratulate.

the Scenario 2 - y - pessimistic. Unfortunately, the most widespread. You - dachenenavistnik, your mother-in-law - the fanatic, and your wife is ready to kill both of you. Any other options are also possible. These councils for you!

Yes all fans of a garden - a kitchen garden will forgive me, I will try to protect weak which, in my opinion, dachenenavistnik are. Our purpose - to get over in group of lucky with the smallest losses. We have

: about 6 hundred parts of the earth, utykanny hotbeds, beds, potato and still God knows than. We want

: a cozy terrace, a lawn, a brazier, a bath etc., etc.

Remember the main rule. Act carefully! You should not say frankly to the fanatic as you hate this ill-fated piece of the earth. For a start be equipped with

to the maximum. Your best friend - Internet and lot of beautiful pictures. Here the main thing not to go too far. Remember that for you the main thing - minimum of efforts, result maximum. I.e., you will suit the following pictures: a small country house (well just as at you, only, maybe, it is slightly tinted), a green lawn (not the English lawn! and just shortly tonsured grass), a minimum of difficult designs on a site, a minimum of various plantings (a couple of beds and flower beds everything is it is necessary to leave) and in end of a landscape, the happy family drinking tea (at a table, well very similar to yours, only with a new cloth).

Minuses. Should be enclosed in the project n - yu the sum of monetary units. It once again confirms that the tranquility can be bought. By the way, the sum depends only on your imagination and on already found pictures. You remember - the more simply, the better for you and your purse.

In fight! It is time to start actions. Collect the thoughts, you remember, you - courtesy. Represent sincere interest on a face and as it is possible more quietly and more tenderly, state the reasons on updating of the seasonal dacha.

Main - to find approach. Someone will light up idea, and will decide to remake everything at once. With the others it will be more difficult. Act carefully, but it is persistent. Tell how the fellow worker grows up an unknown harvest in this wonderful maaalenky parnichk . And what beautiful and as well as possible suitable to that corner of your garden (just where hated potato grows!) small bench You saw in shop recently. The following argument will be suitable for absolutely started option: Well it is necessary, all neighbors lawns tonsured, and at us everything is plowed up! Than we it is worse, we too so will be able! Truth? do not forget

, your efforts has to be at least! The real fanatic will not entrust for anything to you landing of rare florets - same not potato!!

The main idea is clear. Further - your imagination and desire.

Perhaps, once you begin, and this process will carry away you as it happened to me.