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How to lighten itself mood?

Mood - concept very difficult and depending on many factors. Today you well slept, got paid, bought a thing of which you dreamed long ago - and directly radiate a positive. And tomorrow you squabbled with colleague / darling, or your computer broke on the eve of delivery course - and the mood disappeared in the unknown direction.

Actually, the reasons for bad mood - thousands, and even millions. It does not mean at all that it is necessary to be depressed at the slightest pretext - rather simply to be able to lighten itself mood.

Loyal friends will help to distract from problems. Just dial telephone number - and they will surely come to the rescue. And if your friends have similar problems - together you will quicker find a way out.

It is known that tonics not only give to cheerfulness, but also increase mood. The main thing - not to go too far, and that in addition to bad mood get also a headache.

It is possible to give vent to negative emotions, having drawn the problems. Expressed on paper in the form of a gloomy cloud, a portrait of the chief or just terrible monstrik, they will disturb you not so and own genius will force to smile.

The punching bag will help to kill melancholy on the spot. And not only boxing - any kind of sport gives vent to the collected negative, plus to everything is an opportunity to pump up the grown tummy which was the cause of your depression.

If it is absolutely sad - turn on the favourite music, and more loudly. It is possible and shout together with favourite performers. Only you remember neighbors - perhaps, they do not divide your musical addictions.

By science it is proved that chocolate lightens mood if not to pay attention to the number of kilocalories specified on packing. However, it is unlikely you will seriously grow plump from several pieces of a favourite delicacy. But you will amuse flavoring receptors.

Extreme feelings stimulate production of endorphins - pleasure hormones. Approximately the same occurs in an organism of lovers. The ideal option - to fall in love with the thrill-seeker and together with it to go to a ski resort, or just to ask it to teach you to skate on roller-skaters. Memories of it will be for a long time amuses you, especially if to imprint the most amusing moments on a film.

And if you want silence, devote a couple of hours to favourite hobby - cross stitch or just read the favourite book. Also it is useful, and it is not necessary to miss.

And in case any of ways did not help you, reflect: the reason of your bad mood - banal avitaminosis or overfatigue can? In that case - apple for the night, and - to sleep, not less than eight hours. Here you will see - you will wake up cheerful and cheerful and problems will be perceived not so sharply next morning.

Anyway the main thing - to smile more. Then the bad mood will disappear in itself.