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What it is necessary " for; to break the winchester and how to make it?

For what it is necessary to break the winchester

Under breakdown the winchester creation on one physical hard drive of two and more logical disks is understood, at this ambassador splittings logical disks are perceived by an operating system as separate physical, for example, Local disk C: and Local disk D: .

Earlier breakdown of the winchester was applied when BIOS and an operating system could not work with disks of large volumes. Now this problem is overcome both on hardware, and on program levels. Nowadays breakdown is carried out for convenience of work and service of a disk (and also if it is necessary to install several operating systems on one winchester). On a disk C:, as a rule, the operating system and the majority of application programs is installed. On a disk D: it is convenient to store the user data, then at reinstallation of an operating system a disk C: it is formatted, and on it OS is established again, at the same time the user data are untouched.

At the large information volume of modern winchesters (200 GB and more) breakdown of a disk on two and more logical facilitates service of a disk - check and defragmentation.

Besides, in the presence of 2 - x and more disks in system bearing (i.e. a disk on which the operating system is installed), as a rule, by default are a disk C:, therefore the majority of virus and hacker attacks is directed to it. It is one more argument in advantage splittings the winchester and storage of the user data separately from files of an operating system, for example, on the disk D:.

How to break a disk

For breakdown of a disk there is a set of programs. I recommend PartitionMagic (PowerQuest Corporation), it allows to break the disk on live without loss of data. We install the program, we start it, on the right above we allocate with click of the left button of a mouse the necessary disk. Further:

For not Russified version - we choose the Tasks menu - Create New Partition - the Create New Partition dialog box - Next - to choose of After C: (Recommended) - Next - Partition Properties - in a window of Size to set the size of the created disk (in MB) - in a window of Create as - Logical (Recommended) - to choose type of file system in a window of File system type - in a window of Drive Letter - to appoint a disk letter - of Next - Finish - Apply .

For the Russified version - to Choose the menu of the Task - to Create the new section - the Creation of the New Section dialog box - the button Further - to choose of After C: (Recommended) - - Properties of the section - in a window Undressed Further to set the size of the created disk (in MB) - in a window to Create as - Logical (Recommended) - to choose type of file system - to appoint a disk letter - Further - the Finish - to Apply .

After reset of PowerQuest PartitionMagic will make breakdown of a disk.


1. As breakdown of the winchester is potentially dangerous (in case of any failures, for example, if there is a failure on food, you can lose access to the files) if you do not feel rather prepared, - address experts!

2. Though the above-stated method allows to break the hard drive without loss of data, it is desirable to copy at first the data on other carrier.

3. The most ideal option - to break the winchester at installation (reinstallation) of an operating system. At an adjusting disk, as a rule, there is an above-mentioned PowerQuest PartitionMagic program.

4. Before work with the PowerQuest PartitionMagic program it is recommended to close all open files and the started programs.

5. After breakdown it is desirable to carry out an inspection and defragmentation of again created disks. For this purpose it is necessary to open Windows " Conductor; having clicked on the " badge; My " computer;. Right-click on a badge of a local disk, from the opened context menu select the " item; " Properties;. In the opened " dialog box; Properties: Local disk open the " tab; " Service; press the " button; To execute check In the opened " dialog box; Check of a disk Local disk establish tags To Automatically correct system errors and To Check and restore the damaged sectors press the " button; Start . It will be carried out (as a rule, after reset) check, the found errors will be corrected.

is necessary For defragmentation in the same " dialog box; Properties: Local disk to press the " button; To Execute defragmentation . In the opened " dialog box; Defragmentation of the disk to press the " button; Defragmentation .

Then execute check and defragmentation of other disk.

6. Consider that on the hard drive there has to be a place for maneuver : if he is killed with files chock-full, then it will not be possible to hurt him without loss of files.

7. At the choice of the size of the created disks be guided by common sense: for example, if the volume of the winchester of 80 GB, it is possible to break it into two on 40 GB, or 30 + 50 GB. It is anyway recommended under a disk C: to leave not less than 10 - 20 GB, but then further the part of programs should be installed on the drive D:.