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Who are they, bums and whether it is possible to help them? Part 1

the Bum - the person without a certain residence. The word which appeared in Russian not so long ago, and very quickly became to nominal. So it designates now and what meant ten years ago?

At first it was the abbreviation which designated the person who lost or not having housing. Now it is already generalized character of the people who fell, tramps and just poor. Word beggar gradually leaves our lexicon or designates the small layer collecting generally handouts.

And, notice, for some ten years the word was so densely included into our use that now it is known, probably, even by the children who just learned to speak. And this in itself speaks about our society.

Who they are such? People who owing to various circumstances lost the documents which finally became an inveterate drunkard, badly dressed, long ago not washing and not having a home?

According to the inhabitant all of them are identical and, as a rule, cause the pity mixed with a big share of fastidiousness. You know, probably, a joke: in the bus smelled of good perfume, toilet water and soap, the bum came, and all began to smell equally? It is characteristic. But whether this weight is so uniform? On television, radio and in the press speak about bums much. And it does not make sense to retell, probably. I will stop that is not so noticeable when you watch such reportings. In fact, among bums there is the hierarchy, the kings and pariahs. To get on grain the place is not simpler at all, than, say, to become the manager in major company. Whether such situation guards?

Many watched the movie Country of deafs and very much were surprised to the fact that nearby there is society with the charter and the gradation of values. Whether so it seems to you what we pass by the community which was not less developed, after the own fashion? And it is our people, and their life and on our conscience. I do not take extreme manifestations when the person himself, it is quite realized, sells the passport, the apartment and himself for a vodka bottle. But among bums there are a lot of those who suffered from unfair builders, and even from own family.

Yes, we live in very difficult and cruel world, but even in it there is a place to compassion. I do not urge you to start helping everyone, I just ask to reflect, and than I can help? Of course, among weight identical it is difficult to find those who really need the help, but do not forget about it when such opportunity is presented. In time the offered hand, simply kind word or a piece of bread not too will burden you. And as the Bible speaks: yes the hand of giving will not become scanty.

However, not everything is so simple, and there are many cases when us it is simple that is called part on money. I also do not urge you to give alms in the subway or on the street. Everyone solves for himself to whom and as it can help. Not to allow to roll down in an abyss is the help too. Just look back, and you, unfortunately, will easily find those who need your support.