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What to create - borsch or article?

I was faced by two equal tasks. I and died in doubts as if an animal poor in Buridanovo if my silly, but active optimism, without deliberating, pointed a finger at one of the parties.

To create borsch or to cook up the fried article in modern svinyachy times? Optimism indicated borsch and was right especially as performance of these tasks in fact - same.

Really: both for borsch, and for article the main thing - mood. Well, and when my main internal judge - laziness - paid attention that article about preparation of borsch can be published in the magazine of useful tips, the last doubts disappeared.

So, the main thing - mood! Why most of women do not know how to cook? No, they, of course, consider that they are able, but from this their confidence the valid party of business does not change. It happens just because the female mood is similar it is proud to the flying flag. It it seems and beautifully, and a flag trembles, but trouble that wind can abate. At the sea a calm - borsch is spoiled! All aforesaid fully belongs also to writing of article, so as the classic spoke, thoughts will run in two directions now. Especially as two hares - it are far more pleasant, than one.

Mood for borsch and for article, so necessary component, as well as any other. If you do not love the one for whom you prepare or for whom you write, is absolutely clear that he will receive for lunch and posleobedy and it is good still if business is limited to slight poisoning, a sit-round gathering on " faience; and the spent time for reading of dullly written article.

Is fine, decided on mood. Now ingredients. Spread out everything on a table before yourself - it is important! If not to cook all components some borsch at once, and to fussy clean onions when the kitchen is already full of a smoke from the burning slightly oil, your borsch will die, without having been born. Quantity of products, as well as article subject, it is necessary to define from preferences of your eaters or readers. One love more densely, others are more liquid. At first I will provide the classical recipe of borsch, then the classical recipe of article, and at the very end of each recipe - that, from - for what your borsch becomes the best, article - readable, and self-esteem so just blinks from a high.

Borsch - is self-sufficient. Here it should be noted that after the beginning of preparation of borsch any injections of water (boiled water, broth) in a pan are inadmissible absolutely. If it happens, it will mean that the dish intends to yours to the " jolly-boat; or it with pleasure will be swallowed by a refuse chute. And this first distinction between borsch and article. In the article " water; it is possible to add, but very much, it is very dosed. Step to the right, a step to the left - execution! So, that lies before us on a kitchen little table, accurately cleared, pleasing a look and heart? Before us six lie - seven yellowish potatoes of average size, two - three (depending on the size) it is dark - ruby beets, similar amount of carrots, a kilogram elastic head of cabbage, red and green pods of sweet pepper, krutoboky tomatoes (the only product which can be replaced with a concentrate - tomato paste), three large garlic gloves, a parsley back, fennel, any other edible greens. This quantity of products is intended for 3 - 3,5 liters of broth.

B what main difference my " borsch; from the classical recipe? If it was not, you should not have made also a fuss, - gave couple of references, and use on health.

All the matter is that creators of borsch very long could not solve a problem of beet. Uncle " beet; was not entered in the classical recipe. If to cook beet, it loses color, and borsch is obliged to be beautiful. If to extinguish it, borsch becomes beautiful and even without loss of vitamins, but here taste of the broth leaves as that he received the valid beet aroma, it is necessary to cook beet in the cleared look not less than 40 minutes. In the majority of classical recipes beet is stewed, in some cooked separately crude, but in one of hundreds of recipes did not guess that the same product for borsch needs to be prepared differently. Not clearly why, but nobody guessed that process can be combined.

Went! Two of three beets are peeled, we cut straws, we put in the added some salt boiling broth, the same is made with carrots circles, then the blank top sheet is removed from cabbage and entirely we send it for predecessors. We tear off a leg at sweet pepper and we send it afterwards together with the cleared parsley root. We cook everything 40 - 45 minutes.

We brown on sunflower oil: at first onions before emergence of golden color; then there we grate the remained beet, carrots and pepper on an average grater, still we brown minutes five; then we add or divorced our broth a tomato - paste, or we grate three - four tomatoes the next five minutes. Then we add 200 g of our broth and we extinguish five more minutes. From borsch we extend and we delete the boiled soft cabbage leaf, a root of parsley and we put potatoes cut in cubes. We cook five minutes. We add the chopped cabbage and on slow fire - ten more minutes.

We pour in our pan infernal mix small cut (not squeezed out) garlic, two circles of a lemon or, in the absence of a lemon, a shred of lemon acid, any greens, spices to taste. We insist under a dense cover of 20 min. In total. The tablespoon of sour cream and the brain stone which is sticking out of a soup plate will give to borsch charm and charm, and a pod of bitter red pepper near a plate - courage and a call. Surely add the to the last stage of preparation counter . I do not know that it will be a pineapple piece, the smoked bream or quail eggs, I met the recipe of borsch from a grouper and one hundred one and a half more recipes.

Yes, nearly forgot, in a preparation time it is necessary to sing. It improves tastes of percent on ten. Seriously, I checked. Even bears who were trampled by crowds in the childhood on my ears would begin to cry from affection, having heard as I sing at creation of borsch.

Article: we choose a subject - " broth;. We Boil his two are three days in a brain. We add ingredients - the facts, references, quotes. In total on slow " fire; - even days. We Brown - grammar, spelling, stylistics of hour two - three. We mix everything. We add the counter - author`s style. We strew pepper - nifty, turn. In total - article is ready.

Second and the last distinction between creation of borsch and article: do not sing during its writing, very much distracts. Tasty to you lunch and posleobediya !