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As to send away objectionable man? Hands off...!

Usually my acquaintances face an opposite problem - how to attract the man who interested them. But differently in life happens. And not always the one to whom you sent it responds to your impulse. It is unlikely in the nature there are textbooks on the " equipment; otshivaniye representatives of a strong half of mankind. Therefore I can refer only to own experience and experience of acquaintances.

In sight of annoying men whom we will call further hunters both unmarried ladies, and married get. You should not hope that existence of a wedding ring on a ring finger will frighten off the hunter. 2 - 3 grams of gold in a modest case, plus diamond - in fancy - do not push away him like the sign it is reserved . On the contrary, gloss of gold on a ring finger attracts some men. For them it is similar to an inscription on houses It is checked, there are no mines .

In - the first, on object of his dreams there is a demand, so not one considered in it something such. In - the second, the target of his courtings already lost the main female shortcoming - desire to marry in a hurry.

Therefore, the rule FIRST - NOT to HOPE for external attributes and semi-hints.

From here the rule SECOND - to WORK. The best protection is an attack.

Men are not frightened by the hypothetical presence of the husband recorded by an obruchalka. Enthusiasm of the woman for own spouse beats off any desire. Stories of the lady about the blessed affect potential boyfriends as a tub of cold water. Therefore you buzz about the lawful partner in life even if there is no wish for it. Of course, provided that the interlocutor to you absolutely is antipathetic.

The same impact on the hunter, I specify, on the married hunter, make inquiries about his family. I assume that the reminder on the dinner expecting his house causes inflow of gastric juice in the good fellow. As it seems to me, in a hungry state the man is not capable to reflect at all.

They have one more Achilles` heel . As one wise woman, " spoke; The Man cannot think two heads at the same time . Therefore the rule THIRD - PHILOSOPHIZE. The hunter necessarily should listen attentively to yours, perhaps, even nonsense. It is even better if it is possible also to grope the subject interesting him. And the brain, or what he thinks there, will return to the place put to it. For yourself be not afraid. Always there is a subject - another in which you are strong. It is necessary to work with methods of the enemy. It is no more clever men, than clever women. And to us are attractive, it is necessary to admit, not they at all, and the banal chatterboxes twisting the speech verbosity nippers. Painfully they are evident.

BUT!!! In the same way as we are struck from delight when we meet the man capable to pereboltat us, they in the same situation begin to be indignant. Well they do not love cleverer, courageous, strong and if it also the woman - the end to the relations.

Such here simple rules by the principle of action by contradiction . These are the most effective methods. There is still an additional package of attacking.

1. Is much. Here I have 2 versions of antipathy of men to such behavior from women. The first - greed. And suddenly it every time at restaurant is will be so much, and to pay it for everything. The second - is afraid that the lady will grow stout. Global anti-cellulite campaign already and their brain hooked.

2. To apply maneuver roving glance . To look anywhere, but only not it.

3. And vice versa. To fixedly consider it. To find - a hole on a sock, not well-groomed or too well-groomed nails and to consider - to consider, but not with interest, and with undisguised surprise. Generally, to try to confuse the hunter.

The main thing - to be active. The active living position of the woman still frightens not all, but many men. Thank you - domestic tyranny echoes.

And still if to return to what I began with, you should not let at once go whistle to any man who became interested in your person. And maybe in it there is something such? He in you considered a highlight.