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How it is correct to bring up a puppy of office breed?

Many of us love dogs and it is clear, a dog - the friend of the person. It both friend, and assistant, but, besides, and security guard of your house.

In the world there is a great variety of breeds of dog. It and decorative poodles, lap dogs, to a cha - a cha, etc. Besides, exist also office breeds of dog. Here refer such breeds as sheep-dogs of different types, a Dobermann terrier - a pinscher, a Rottweiler, a bull terrier, a Staffordshire terrier etc. of

That`s it about office breeds I and I want to talk today. Many get such dogs, considering that with them there will be in safety life and property of the owner, but not all understand that such dog is similar to the weapon which it is important to be able to handle correctly. If all of you decided that all of you by all means want to get a puppy of such breed, then I will try to make to you in this respect some recommendations.

First of all, it is necessary to study all data on that breed which interested you as office breeds possess various qualities among which there can be a distrustfulness to strangers, a sentry instinct (and then you will have problems if in your house often there are different people), a security instinct (and you will greet people at a dog you not by a hand).

Most difficult with dogs who (owing to belonging to breed, but not education) are inclined to destroying any living being less than on growth or the status. Very important at the same time following rule: if you do not possess sufficient experience in education of such dogs, in your house there should not be small children! Besides, you should not plan children for the near future. Unfortunately, in our country very much a popular belief that even the most furious dog will not touch the kid as it was created in those days when dogs of dangerous breeds to us were not imported. But the statistics of incidents of the last years disproves this delusion.

Before buying such puppy, I recommend to you to learn as much as possible about his parents. Whether it had in a sort aggressive individuals, both on maternal, and on the fatherly line. Better, of course, most to take part in searches of quiet animals and to choose a puppy from such parents.

So, we will go further. You found quiet parents of the future puppy, and that moment when you bring this charming treasure home here came. The puppy is so beautiful that you devote him all the time, you constantly play with it, its beret to sleep with itself, forgive it all pranks. Your heart is overflowed with love to this charming being. And it will be your biggest mistake!

Certainly, it is necessary to love a dog, but the puppy should not resolve everything, as if strongly you did not love him, such dog should be brought up very strictly. It is very important not to allow a puppy to feel like the full owner in the house, to show that it is stronger than you. It will lead to accident. The dog has to respect the owner, love him and be afraid, realize that the owner is much stronger than her. Since the earliest childhood a dog it is necessary to accustom to treat quietly your emergence while she eats, and also the dog has to allow you to take away at any time from it from a mouth any subject and food (but all of you have to it welcome and not take away one favourite bone solemnly, and also allocate the place on which she can feel in the personal territory).

The guard dog should be driven in special dog school where the skilled cynologist will train her in any teams, and also will give to you advice as it is better to bring up a puppy. Subsequently you will be able to participate with a dog in exhibitions where your pet will get medals for the achievements.

Also there is a wish to tell a little about feeding of guard dogs. Remember, dogs cannot give any sweets, they are very harmful to dogs! Though each dog also loves sweets, but do not indulge her, as if she did not ask them. During trainings of dogs usually encourage with a delicacy. Better if it are cheese pieces. As soon as the dog executed your command, you encourage it with a cheese piece. Through some time the dog will begin to execute commands, without needing encouragement any more.

Strictly - strictly it is forbidden to feed a dog with food from your table. For a dog the special feeding trough on a support at height of a dog trunk that the bearing was correctly formed has to be established.

Cynologists and veterinarians recommend to feed a dog with a special dog forage, and also meat. The dog should not be overfed, it is necessary to observe the recommended feeding frequency - for an adult dog it is 2 times a day while the dog has to have clear water constantly.

And now it is a little about safety measures. During walks your dog surely has to be fastened to a lead, besides, many recommend to muzzle to a dog, especially, if you have to go along the crowded street. Once again I will repeat that some types of office breeds can be unpredictable! Without muzzle the dog can seize any passerby, or other dog. And it is very heavy to separate them. Besides some breeds possess death grip .

Do not think that if houses your dog is tender and kind to family members, then it means that she will be lovely with all. You cannot know it beforehand. Do not forget that there are people who are in panic afraid of dogs and frightening by them the children. Educational work among them to you it is not necessary to begin letting out the dog to take a walk where these people will be frightened of it, and children in general can get a mental trauma if the dog takes in head to play with them.

There are those several recommendations which, I hope, will help you to bring up the pet the devoted and loyal friend, the reliable security guard, and harmless for people around and you.