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What to prepare from beet? The winter menu (part I)

Even at present grocery abundance happens not easy to diversify the winter menu. We are fond of searches something brand new, exotic, forgetting about simple and available products, such, for example, as beet.

Perhaps, the mention of useful properties of this vegetable will be not superfluous. Beet is rich with carbohydrates (sugar in it more, than in any other vegetables), mineral salts. There are in it vitamins C, RR, groups B. But the main thing - contains in it cellulose, pectins and organic acids.

Pectins as if a sponge absorb harmful products of an exchange, in particular cholesterol, and do not allow them to be soaked up in blood. Cellulose, organic acids and sugar, strengthening an intestines vermicular movement, have poslablyayushchy effect.

All this does beet useful to both adults, and the children, and healthy and sick. Doctors recommend it the suffering disease of kidneys, intestines, liver, a hypertensive illness, atherosclerosis, locks.

Beet can be included in a diet all the year round. It does not lose the useful properties even at long storage. The majority of dishes is prepared from boiled (including on couple) or baked beet. Do not cut off backs and do not clear it before cooking or baking but only carefully wash. Then it will turn out juicy and will hold mineral salts, soluble in water.

You cook, having put in the boiling water and having densely closed a cover. Bright color of beet will remain if you add to water a little (1/2 teaspoon on liter) sugar. In the spring when young beet appears, we recommend to boil it together with a tops of vegetable which small cut can be put in beetroot soup or borsch.

I think, several recipes of dishes from beet will not prevent.

of Mashed potatoes. Peel boiled beet, pass via the meat grinder, add creamy or vegetable oil, several drops of lemon juice or vinegar (for preservation of color), salt and warm up under a cover. Giving to a table, add sour cream, strew mashed potatoes with small cut greens. Beet mashed potatoes can be both an independent dish, and a garnish for fish and meat.

The beet stuffed with rice and apples. Cut apples in small cubes and mix with previously boiled rice, the cut boiled eggs, raisin and butter. From the small boiled peeled beet take out the middle and fill with the prepared forcemeat, lay it on the oiled frying pan, sprinkle the kindled butter or water with sour cream and bake in an oven.

Apples salad. (without core) grate the Boiled peeled beet and apples on a large grater, mix, sugar and fill with sour cream. It is possible to add the crushed walnuts.

From beet cook the most different salads, connecting it in equal quantities not only to apples, but also to carrots, a white cabbage, adding grated cheese, nuts, garlic and dressing with mayonnaise or sour cream.

If rough cellulose is not contraindicated to you, try to do crude beet salads, rubbing it on the smallest grater. Such beet can be added to vinaigrette.

Dessert. mix Boiled or crude small polished beet with the prunes steamed and passed via the meat grinder, largely chopped apples (it is desirable to choose a grade Antonovka ), juice of red currant and a lemon, also fill with sour cream.

Bon appetit!