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What is the Centralized testing and how it is possible to use its results?

for an assessment of knowledge of pupils constantly try to use in recent years modern technologies.

In 1999 for further development of system of testing and monitoring of quality of knowledge of pupils the Center of testing of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation was created.

It has many functions, but we will discuss only those which concern entrants.

Annually in March - April on all cities of Russia the centralized testings (CT) which can be considered by higher education institutions as entrance examinations are held.

Some differences of TsT from usual entrance examinations:

1. TsT are carried out in March - April;

2. TsT in a certain subject is carried out at the same time across the territory of all Russia;

3. If TsT in any subject is handed over badly, then this mark does not go anywhere, it is possible just to forget about it;

4. On TsT on mathematics it is allowed to use the calculator.

I want to pay attention to what seldom and casually write official sources about. TsT in a certain subject can hand over not once. For example, spring of 2006 of TsT on mathematics, physics and Russian it was possible to hand over 6 times: 2 times usual testing on computers, 2 times usual blank testing, and on 1 time computer and blank testings of the increased complexity was held. As a result of each testing the entrant receives the document with results of testing.

The entrant has an opportunity to try the hand of 6 times (in these objects) and if the selection committee accepts TsT, to show the best result.

In other objects (chemistry, biology, English, social science, informatics, geography) 1 computer testing and 1 blank, and on history and other foreign languages - only 1 blank testing was held.

Now the schedule of TsT is already posted on the website of the Center of Testing. Judging by this schedule, in comparison with last year so far nothing changed.

It is possible to use results of TsT for presentation them in a selection committee of higher education institutions which these results consider. The entrant can take in the summer entrance examinations in a usual form in other higher education institution. And then to choose in what higher education institution to hand over the original of the school-leaving certificate.

Grants with TsT variants of tasks for different years in all objects are on sale, it is very convenient to use them by preparation for testing.

Some higher education institutions and the centers of testing hold trial testings for the purpose of acquaintance of entrants with forms and features of their filling.

Even if the entrant considers that he perfectly knows a subject, then it is necessary to find time to be trained in answers to these tests. They are checked by the computer, and the wrong writing of figure can take the computer for the wrong answer.

Not all higher education institutions of Russia accept results of the Centralized Testing as entrance examinations. In recent years the number of such higher education institutions decreases. Probably, it is connected with USE introduction.

Information on what higher education institutions plan to accept TsT, usually appears on the website of the Center of Testing of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

A of all to know this information directly better in higher education institution to which the entrant is going to come.

On the Internet many websites offer options and answers to TsT which will be on testing in the current year. They offer very convincingly and colourfully. Do not spend money. Long ago it is proved that in advance it is impossible to learn TsT option especially as there is a lot of them also they different in different regions.

It is better for entrant to use all opportunities to try the hand, to be trained in examination in a real examination situation. And if the higher education institution accepts TsT, then to use results for participation in a competition.

Good luck!