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How to learn to speak beautifully and freely or Whose voice is distributed here?

Many animals and plants are able to understand each other without words.

But to the person of it is not enough, he prefers communication with the help of the speech. Here only oral speech not always satisfies not only speaking, but also listening. You listen to such speaker and there is a regret that still people without words that telepathy not in fashion did not learn to communicate.

Yes, the speech is pleasant to us when she accurately blabs out, it has beautiful modulations. To what it is heavy to listen to verbal falls in which the listener risks to choke, or, on the contrary, viscously - slow “ chewing gum “ from which in a dream pulls. Also there will be you the unrecognized genius. And the reason - that in the wrong speech.

What to do - that?

To pass to alternative types of communication? For example, to dance as a peacock, to beat the drums, to write posters or, at last, on the computer to knock a woodpecker …

But oral speech and written as speak in Odessa, - two big differences.

Or perhaps to try to help itself and to learn to speak how Cicero?

For a start try to take a detached view of yourself. Video filming of your performance will give the chance to observe the mimicry, gestures, breath, especially a breath, intonation.

So far should not interest you that you say but only you pay attention to how all of you tell it. You watch how the stranger, on the speaker and you notice with addiction, shoulders, a forehead, lips, a neck are how strained.

Is pleasant?

And now strain memory and remember how the real, professional announcers or actors speak. Probably?

Most likely, no. Well, do not despair. You can accurately speak too, without tension, imperceptibly taking a breath, and not choking on the most interesting place. In a word, with pleasure.

For a start be engaged in the breath.

the Breath - only a stomach. Artful shoulders aim to get a stomach forward and to rise. Do not allow! the Tummy you present

in the form of the soft, extending on a breath ball. And it is unimportant what it at you actually the size.

of Feeling have to be such.

The breath has to take 3 seconds. Conveniently about itself to consider - time, two, three, four, five.

Slightly detained without tension a breath and … the exhalation went, with subsidence to a round tummy. a stomach not to involve

At all! As if you wanted it. It is necessary to be trained.

Everything is not so simple, but, I assure you, perhaps.

In a different way can imagine this process so.

the Breath - slowly we involve air, filling it with delicate aroma, for example, of a rose. Without puffing and puffing … We enjoy.

An exhalation - with a great relief we learn that it is not necessary to jump from the 16th floor on a parachute right now. And we with this feeling settle, is soft and gentle on a stomach, removing stress from shoulders. Such burden fell down!

After quite short training you learn to feel the body also will joyfully notice, what you became more harmonous and surer.

There is more to come. We the speech are engaged in

. On an exhalation you should unmute ΜΜΜΜΜ. To hoot, but not to low, hoot as a pipe of the big steamship, a low sound μμμμμ. Quietly, without opening a mouth so that your voice filled each section of your body. High! Subsequently you replace with

a mm sound with any words.

For example, MOTHER of MILU SOAP SOAP. In this phrase there is a lot of our hooting sound μμμμμ.

And now we will a little distract from speaking and we will reflect - what sounds in oral speech more important, public or concordant?

Of course, vowels. Them it is possible to wail a song, they murmur, without being interrupted, and on them - that the easiest to relax and remove, tension accumulated during the speech. we Tell

and we relax. We speak and … we calm down. Whether it is dream?

A we are already able to relax - during an exhalation to settle on a tummy, removing stress from muscles of a back and shoulders.

The voice floats, flows and is filled your the cleverest thinking - pearls. It is desirable not to lap and not to jump out of a flow of the speech.

Than our word will respond? Correctly, the voice similar to dense powerful buzz of the steamship, before departure to the Bahamas.

is not forbidden to replace the place of arrival on more purring as a hobby.

It is necessary on everyone, on each stressed vowel so far, to relax a tummy, inflating it as a ball on which you sit down from time to time. Mudflows, relaxed and further began to flow.

In sense, you tell and you speak, like a rechenka you murmur.

Low, chest recitative. With public on public, with public on …, well and so on. What, breath, you tell, is not enough?

Correctly. Old - that the speech stereotype so long fostered by you is strong and vigilant so far. Forgot to rest on a tummy and to bliss out, without doing anything during the speech, it, the wicked creature, here. Squeezes your press razlyubezny and strains shoulders … Or on the contrary. There`s small choice in rotten apples.

Therefore. SURELY! SO FAR it is OBLIGATORY! To begin even a sneeze with buzz. to

That is, we take a breath on 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5, a stomach, it is soft also without sound in a nose …

we Manage to relax shoulders and to dump tension from a back …, And on an exhalation mmmm - we hoot a low flight sound and - at once! - without pauses and stops it is passed directly to the speech.

Well, and we say further what you wanted to tell there if you did not forget yet. You will not get used to prepare the respiratory device quickly, on the automatic machine yet, it is necessary to hoot and hoot. And during the speech to feel how vowels fall In YOU, or, in a different way, go down on the elevator " inside; your amazing body “. To feeling of a support.

Dare to be engaged in it closely at least half an hour in day at the beginning. Measure to yourself on hours time and forward with songs, that is, with sounds of your beautiful speech which is delivered by rules.

Told without buzz and respiratory preparation, be kind, to improve and tell everything at first, by rules. A golden rule of logopedics - TOLD INCORRECTLY - IMPROVE. At us, logopedists, not so there are a lot of golden rules. It is one of them.

Then measure to yourself hour two in day for control speaking. And so gradually you pass to constant speaking with preparation of breath and a mmmmmmgudeniye.

However, by this time, all preparation will be so short that will not bring you any discomfort. Practice, and once again practice. Here guarantee of your success on a field of the beautiful free speech.

Then you, with grace peculiar to you, pass to the speech, free from a mmmmmgudeniye. Just you send this rumble in “ internal speech “. In other words, without sound, being mentally adjusted on freedom of a voice. It it seems is and, in too time it is absent, this bothered buzz. That`s all. The rest on your conscience and diligence.

As soon as to you will want to strain, or someone strains you, right there include your ability to relax and have a rest during the speech. Be vigilant. And to you it will be rendered.