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Who is prepared in presidents of Russia? The version No. 1

the Author warns that Predskazamus`s syndrome - Kassandrusa does not suffer, just tries to digest the facts.

The current president of Russia already fairly got a bit tired from two presidential terms. And the people shout: You Give! You give the third term!. . Even suggest to correct the Constitution for this purpose. When Putin prinarodno ask (for example, on the last the Internet - conferences) whom he sees the successor, VV with gently - a crafty dzhokondovsky smile speaks: You find " Out soon;.

And what here to learn? Open secret! Who does not descend from screens of TVs, from pages of newspapers and magazines, from pages of the websites? Who does not concede in popularity to the president any more? Who is advanced strenuously by the president? Who eclipsed Fradkov whose deputy is? Of course, it, Dmitry Medvedev!

Who is he, Dmitry Medvedev? Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev was born

on September 14, 1965 in Leningrad, in a professorial family. In 1987 graduated from faculty of law I LIE of Zhdanov, in 1990 - postgraduate study of faculty of law I LIE and defended the master`s thesis on the subject Problems of realization of civil right subjectivity of the state enterprise . In 1990 - 1999 Medvedev taught on faculty of law I LIE disciplines of a private-law cycle, was the associate professor of civil law. In 90 - e years Medvedev was also engaged in private legal practice. The lawyers working with it noted its ability to be guided perfectly in a legal framework.

In the spring 1989 of Medvedev participated in election campaign of Sobchak. In June, 1990 Medvedev was included into group of assistants to the chairman of Leningrad Soviet Sobchak. According to a number of media, personal acquaintance of Medvedev to future president of Russia Putin belongs by this time - Putin was also the assistant to the chairman of Leningrad Soviet.

Since 1991 - 1996. Medvedev was the legal expert of Committee on external relations of the city hall With - St. Petersburg which chairman was Putin. In 1996 Medvedev after Sobchak`s defeat on elections preferred to leave Smolny and to concentrate at work at university and private practice.

On November 9, 1999 Medvedev on representation become the prime minister - Putin`s minister was appointed the deputy chief of staff of the government headed by Kozak. On December 31, 1999 Medvedev Putin`s decree (I. O. of the president) was appointed A. Voloshin`s deputy (the head of the Russian President Administration).

In February - March, 2000 Medvedev headed the campaign headquarters of Putin running for Russian Presidents. Mass media wrote that Medvedev coped with the tasks brilliantly: it selected the best ideas, and also attracted a set of celebrities in the staff that played not the last role in Putin`s victory.

June 3, 2000. Medvedev the decree of Putin elected the president of Russia was appointed the first deputy head of presidential administration. A NUMBER OF MEDIA regarded this appointment as an award for participation in election campaign of Putin. Being on this post Medvedev, according to a number of media, it was careful and tried not to take risky steps. As one more possible award to Medvedev for successful holding presidential elections a number of media called its introduction to structure of board of directors of JSC Gazprom . In October, 2002 Medvedev was appointed the president`s representative in the National Banking Board (NBB).

On October 30, 2003 Medvedev was appointed the head of the Russian President Administration instead of the resigned Voloshin.

In April, 2005 in interview to the " magazine; Expert touching upon a subject of elections of 2008, Medvedev specified that there is an opportunity to create tradition of transfer of power in the lawful way on the basis of real democracy . On October 21, 2005 Medvedev became the curator of council for implementation of national projects (Putin reserved the general management of new body). On implementation of national projects in the federal budget for 2006 134,5 billion rubles

were put on November 14, 2005 Medvedev was appointed the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and dismissed the head of Presidential Administration.

In June, 2006 in connection with resignation of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation V. Ustinov Uralpolit. Ru published information that cooling of the relations between Putin and Ustinov was connected with Ustinov`s unwillingness to see Medvedev the president`s successor.

In May, 2006 Medvedev headed the commission on TV and radio broadcasting development. As after this appointment he acquired the right to coordinate functions of constant pre-election propaganda body, it was regarded by a number of experts as start of its election campaign at future presidential elections.

In October, 2006 Medvedev, acting on air of the " program; Sunday evening NTV television channel, declared that it is afflicted the fact that he is considered as the participant of presidential race - 2008 .

On the nicknamed mass media, Kremlin Medvedev - the Vizier. It is allegedly connected with the fact that any paper for Putin does not pass by Medvedev

Private life

Is married since 1989. The wife Svetlana is engaged in the organization of various public actions in With - St. Petersburg. Son Ilya (1996) .

Hobbies Medvedev gave to

In student`s years preference heavy fate - music (Balck Sabbath was a favorite band), the photo. At university was fond of weightlifting. Plays sports and now (racetrack), likes to play chess.

Weaknesses and shortcomings

Ill-wishers reproach Medvedev, in particular, with absence of own opinion, inability to make own decisions.

( On materials of the Russian mass media )