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Whether you know how to cook fast borsch?

Well which of you, my friends, did not hear about the Ukrainian borsch? Now many will part to hands and will tell with a smile:

- Yes, not only heard, but also tried hundreds of times. What did the young woman decide to surprise with? Hm

But the Ukrainian borsch is to you not simple first course. It is work of culinary art. And as to well and nourishingly your tummy when you in throw in yourself a weighty plateau of this work, and brains as work! Accepted a dose of continuous vitamins!

At everyone Ukrainians and at me including, the secret of preparation of this work - all cook borsch differently.

It seems components identical, but if to me tie with a scarf eyes and will allow to taste borsch of the godmother, mother and grandmother, believe me, I will not be mistaken.

And so, my Russian husband fell in love with my Ukrainian borsch at once and unconditionally. And on my Sunday question: What to prepare for the whole week?! he steadily answers twenty years:

- Borsch.

- What? - I in hope specify that he will agree to fast soup.

- Is possible fast, - he joyfully specifies, and I fatefully trudge on kitchen.

To the apartment the neigbour becomes hollow, takes seat nearby and tells the latest news, increasing my literary level everyday councils and philosophical conclusions. Through some time she pays attention to my actions and with interest asks:

- And you what you prepare?

- Borsch, - I throw, and I continue to crumble, stir slowly and clean.

- And unless cook borsch with fish? - its thin brows creep on a forehead there is no place further.

- is Cooked, - I sigh, - and quite often. Come tomorrow, I will treat

fast borsch are cooked For a long time by all my distant and near neigbours. And I noticed that now not only my husband in a lunch break creeps out imposingly of the apartment as if a full cat, but also other husbands

Well, and for you, my friends, I was not too lazy to crack this article on the kind Klava: read, act, estimate.

The Ukrainian borsch happens ferial and fast. Well, how to cook borsch with meat, I will not tell, and here fast . I will tell.

1 way.

Fast borsch with mushrooms.

In a pan we put everything in a certain order: - haricot (it is better to wet since evening) - to cook

hour 2, will not begin to boil soft yet;

- average size beet, is better polished;

- two large carrots, is better polished;

- potato cubes;

- cabbage straws;

- the mushrooms fried with onions, with addition of vegetable oil;

- sweet paprika straws, 2 pieces;

- tomatoes fresh 3 - 5 pieces (it is possible tomato juice in the winter). we salt

On readiness, we add fennel who loves: davleny or grated garlic, 2 - 3 tablespoons of sugar! Surely!

Each hostess knows the preferred density of first courses in the family what pan to take how many to pour water .

2nd way.

Fast borsch with fish.
All products you put

in a pan in the same order. Only when business reaches mushrooms, instead of them put fish. What? I Answer


Can choose any canned food from a humpback salmon to a sprat in a tomato. Tested everything. But the most tasty borsch turns out when a hake or a mintaychik we fry on a skovorodochka, we add a spoon of a tomato and, having separated from bones, we put in a pan. On a big pan about 1 kg of fish will be just right (rich it is possible to take also noble grades of fish).

3rd way. Everything we do

as well as in the first case, it is only possible to combine both mushrooms, and a small fish. Believe, will not prevent one another, on the contrary.

The most valuable at this dish the fact that every day borsch becomes more tasty and more tasty. Standing in the refrigerator is reflected in tastes in the best and inexplicable way.

Many claim that the Ukrainian borsch has to be red, a yak a krovushka. Do not trust. The main quality of the Ukrainian borsch - unique taste.

Yes, one more detail. If you from yeast fresh dough prepare donuts (it is possible in an oven or in hot fan), and then these hawt donuts and a little chesnochky in addition for borshcheets and with a smetanka M - yes. absolutely not bad

of the Doughnut can be put in a plastic bag and with success to place in the refrigerator, and for a week before giving on a table for a minute in a microwave The tasty, full and useful lunch for the whole week is provided to your family, only pick up a pan more.

Bon appetit! See you again.