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How Brazilians celebrate a carnival?

Brazil - the country of the sun, the fairy tale and dream. Nobody is able to have fun as Brazilians do it. The Brazilian carnival is a dream of many residents of Brazil, and also Europeans. The carnival usually passes in February, but not all know how.

The Brazilian carnival has rather ancient history, but only in the middle of the 20th century unorganized groups formed the first schools of a samba. In 1916 the first samba especially for a carnival was written. It was called By " phone;. Now a carnival in Rio - - Zhaneyro - one of the most grandiose (40000 actors a day) and the most organized carnivals in Brazil. Each school develops one subject: the policy, the nature, sport, art, music - all subjects have to be Brazilian.

the School thinks out the song, creates suits and puts choreography. Rehearsals begin several months prior to a carnival. The carnival in Rio - - Zhaneyro is beautiful vehicles, a great number of musicians, magnificent suits for which the last money, harmony of music, dance and dancers, a samba is often spent.

the Brazilian carnival took a lot of things from the Spanish and Portuguese customs.

Celebration of a carnival will be organized by almost all Brazilian cities. But it does not reach such scales, as in Rio anywhere - - Zhaneyro where in addition to collective manifestations of happiness, critics of a social and political order, pass comic protests against difficulties of life.

To the middle of the nineteenth century of Rio did not know the word carnival . Since colonial times to the First republic the first characteristic was Entrudo (from the Latin word introito, introduction, the introduction), appeared in 1723 when aboriginals of the Portuguese islands of Madeira, Azorsky and Cape Verde reached the Brazilian coast in the area from Porto Alegre to Espirito Santo. In the days devoted to celebrations of a carnival, clowns had fun, pouring out at each other water.

In January, 1835 the first carnival ball, a usual holiday where people put on masks, beards and false moustaches was spent.

B appeared 1855 the first decorated vehicles and the first carnival clubs called by Great societies. Then other clubs which solemnly opened celebrations of a carnival in Rio - - Zhaneyro were created.

the First parade with tiers of seats and the sold tickets was carried out on the Carnival of 1929, on Rio Branco Street (in the downtown) - all there were 3. 500 places.

The carnival culmination in Rio - parade of schools of a samba, real show where the richness of melodies and beauty of dancers of a samba mixes up with luxury of suits and surprising registration of huge carnival vehicles.

Yes, it appears, not for nothing the Great schemer Ostap Bender dreamed to visit Rio - - Zhaneyro! Carnival - really remarkable holiday. Rounds on a carnival to Brazil very expensive and to many residents of Russia it is only possible to dream of such luxury, but those who has such opportunity need to go surely. And the tropical fairy tale will become bylyyu!