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What to prepare from cheese? To See fingers and balls of

, before it was rolled up by the affairs that did not imagine at all that from simple, usual cheese it is possible to prepare something unusual and very tasty, besides what just to cut on pieces for oil sandwich And here it appeared - it is possible. Good people educated And precisely: is the recipes connected with preparation of cheese much!

Well, for example, Fingers from cheese with crackers

What for this purpose is necessary?

First of all, of course, cheese - grams so 350. And 4 eggs, 1,5 glasses of crackers, vegetable oil (for hot fan), crackers.

Means, at first we take well cooled cheese and we cut it on twenty small and oblong pieces. Then we shake up eggs. Pieces of cheese we dip in eggs then we roll in crackers

Prepared so-called fingers we place in the refrigerator for two hours. Then we roast in hot fan to a golden crust. Also we dry on a paper towel

All. Fingers we give with crackers.

I was treated To me fingers were pleasant. And at once the idea dawned! And what if to make cheese balls?

The same. Only cheese we rub on a grater We add a little mayonnaise or sour creams. We do balls which then we roll in crackers of the received weight Also we fry then (if mayonnaise is used) from above it is possible to strew with greens or ground pepper, or (if sour cream) - icing sugar.

My friend and the colleague on To School of Life - Oleg Borisov offered a few other option: instead of mayonnaise or sour cream to add a little flour, soda, eggs - and after frying from above to strew with icing sugar.

Other cheese recipe from Oleg Borisov:

To grate cheese on a small grater. To add two eggs. In cheese batter to roll cutlets (small that cheese did not manage to burn) or meat pieces And to fry in a large amount of the warmed (boiling) oil.

In general, as then it became clear, cheese not for nothing enjoys popularity (in itself and as excellent seasoning to many dishes) and is very much highly appreciated around the world on the food and flavoring advantages. And it is an honest truth. Nutritious and easy in the use, cheese belongs to the most ancient natural products, on average contains up to 30 - 45 percent of fat, more than 25 percent of proteins and important organic salts and vitamins.

Cheese indissolubly is associated with France (where in a year 14,7 kg of cheese, on the second place - the Dutches consuming 12 kg on the third - the Swedes eating 11 kg of cheese a year are consumed on average), with wine and any gastronomic features. These are French - gourmets guessed to use the fromazh (that is cheese) not just with pieces of bread and a slice of oil (or without it), but also in a page prikuska. grapes!

I for a dessert an old riddle... When the brick happens snack? Yes! When... it is cheese. All because there is such cheese which is called bakstein (Backstein). This German word is translated as back - the furnace, from backen - to bake, burn, and stein - the stone literally baked, an obozhyonny stone. Such literal translation speaks not about cheese fortress, and about its form similar to a brick.

So eat cheese, it is useful... and appetite pleasant to all!