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What to do a bath broom of?

the Bath broom - a thing without which the Russian bath simply - naprosto loses the all the main meaning. From time immemorial our ancestors used this simple massage adaptation. It would seem, brooms all are identical - only on rigidity differ. But is not present! A broom to a broom - discord. I hope, this article will help to choose the best option.

Birch broom. Most often in a bath use a broom from young branches of a birch. And it is valid - their curative properties since ancient times were known to our ancestors. The most important feature of birch brooms - in the conditions of the increased humidity they cause expansion of bronchial tubes that promotes removal from them of a phlegm and various harmful rainfall. Leaves of a birch contain in a large number essential oils, vitamins C and And. Such broom perfectly kills muscle and joints pains after injuries or physical activities, well clears the skin inclined to rash and gnoynichka (skin will gain elasticity, smoothness and pleasant color), accelerates healing of wounds and grazes, calms nervous system, accelerates production of endorphins (pleasure hormones). Infusion from birch leaves well influences head skin, strengthens hair, destroys dandruff.

Oak broom. Rather popular type of a broom at people of middle and advanced age. First of all, because the aromatic substances which are contained in oak leaves interfere with increase of arterial pressure. Also the broom from an oak can be recommended to people with fat skin - after a bath it will get an opaque shade. Such broom renders the strongest anti-inflammatory and soothingly - the pacifying action, is especially good after the unlucky working day. Oak broth is used as medicine at different types of skin diseases, especially at excessive perspiration of legs.

Lime broom. On the properties it is very similar to birch. It provides excellent analgesic effect, in particular well kills a headache. This broom the fact that it makes soft impact on kidneys and sweat glands is individual, than provides diuretic effect and the strengthened sweating. The broom from a linden is simply irreplaceable at catarrhal diseases - it works as febrifugal and brings all phlegm out of lungs. Similar, but poorer properties the Alder broom possesses .

Coniferous broom (fir-tree, cedar, fir, juniper). It is very widespread in Siberia, on taiga open spaces. Brooms from these trees possess really wonderful properties. The resinous substances which are contained in them softly irritate skin, stimulate release of sweat. When using needle branches in an organism blood circulation not only in all muscles, but also in internals amplifies. Therefore the broom of their coniferous breeds can be used when training warmly - vascular system, and also as a peculiar massage, at waist pains, rheumatism, neuralgia, radiculitis. Phytoncides perfectly disinfect air in a bath and interfere with distribution of respiratory diseases. Fir, cedar, fir-tree branches emit the most useful balsam substances. Usually use them in the evening for an excellent and deep sleep. Before procedures it is necessary to take a coniferous broom 10 minutes in boiled water for achievement of softness and a rasparennost. And still, it is important to remember that such brooms do not prepare for the future, and use svezhesrezanny.

Krapivny broom. This broom occupies a special niche. It renders the powerful local irritating, distracting and anti-inflammatory action. Such broom is incredibly useful after a hard physical activity. As a hand it kills joint and muscles pains. At regular and gentle use perfectly reduces arterial pressure and unloads nervous system. This plant contains improbable amount of proteins, vitamin C and iron. The Krapivny broom - fine means for treatment of rheumatism, radiculitis, an illness of kidneys, gouts, eels, a furunkulyoz. Lower in hot water such broom for only several seconds. Take a steam bath only after a body warming up, easy waves.

Eucalyptus broom. Usually it is not used during steaming. It is the best of all to put it on a regiment that the pleasant smell extended on a steam room. If the person has cold or cough, then it is possible to put eucalyptus branches to the person and to breathe them within 4 - 5 minutes.

Mountain ash broom. Enormously strengthens processes of excitement of nervous system. After processing by such broom the fatigue passes for all day. Muscles get a fine tone, working capacity improves. It is the best of all to use such broom since morning when still the set of cases are necessary. Similar properties the broom from a tansy possesses .

Besides these breeds of trees and bushes cherries, an ash-tree, a nut, an elm and, strangely enough, a wormwood perfectly will be suitable for production of a broom of a branch from a maple. Some fans prefer the combined brooms when in a basis branches of a birch or an oak are put, and branches of other trees are added on each side, each person for himself has to define that it is the best of all for it to use. Now attentively look at features of all brooms, and do not allow in a bath near yourself plants which properties can damage to you or cause an allergy!

Now you will be able easily to choose the broom. Pleasantly to you to take a steam bath!