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What do we know about a walnut?

Not for nothing people call a walnut a miracle tree. As, it is possible to use all plant: both fruits, and leaves. Make sound furniture of its remarkable wood, and leaves emitting actively operating phytoncides frighten off insects, harmful influence pathogenic bacteria.

And than the walnut kernel is useful? First of all, it contains a significant amount of fat, albumens, carbohydrates, vitamins. On nutritiousness the nut does not concede to meat, fish, bread, potato and liter of milk combined.

From ripe kernels prepare nutritious and tasty nut sausages. Train them so: the whole and dry kernels string on threads, and then in some oblong mold fill in with the condensed grape juice or just fruit syrup mixed with flour. On nutritiousness this product is equated to sausage, only very sweet. Nut sausage is long stored if to dry up it and to suspend where - nibud in the dry place.

Nuts enter into a diet of athletes and astronauts, recommend to the weakened people as they take off fatigue, restore forces and cheerfulness. For good health traditional medicine advises daily to eat on an empty stomach at least two nuts. On hundred grams of nuts with honey use for two months at a hypertensive illness, and nut milk normalizes activity of intestines.

Such milk is especially useful for children. Train him so: 10 grams of nut kernels crush in a mortar, boil in milk (200 gr.) filter, add 10 grams of sugar and drink warm.

Those at whom acidity of gastric juice is increased are recommended to eat daily 25 - 100 grams of nuts for 15 - 20 days.

In immature kernels of a nut contains vitamin C six times bigger, than in blackcurrant berries, in nine - than in a dogrose, in 40 - 50 times more than in lemons or oranges. Using medicinal properties of green fruits make curative nut honey (the juice of immature nuts mixed with sugar syrup feed up bees who process it on honey with the high content of vitamin of C).

Spirit tincture from a green nut is used at stomach, intestines pains. 30 small cut fruits fill in with liter of alcohol or vodka, cork and maintain two weeks on the sun, then, having filtered, drink 15 grams three times a day before food.

From green nuts prepare medical, nutritious jam and marinades. In pharmaceutical industry make medicines which are applied at treatment of skin tuberculosis of them. In unripe fruits of a nut there are P and E vitamins extremely necessary for pregnant women.

Tincture from nut leaves (a tablespoon on a glass of boiled water) is applied as the all-strengthening means at a breakdown, avitaminosis as astringent at diarrhea and for rinsings at quinsy and stomatitis. At inflammatory processes of a throat and nose, and also for treatment of a skrofulez and rickets the tablespoon of dry leaves of a nut is filled in with a glass of boiled water and insisted 2 hours in the closed ware. Drink three times a day on a teaspoon. At diabetes such broth is applied as a supportive application as it promotes the best digestion of glucose.

However, according to the book Treatment by nuts (Yu. Dragomiretsky, St. Petersburg. Prod. - in Nevsky Avenue 2000), the walnut is harmful at cough, bronchitis, ORV, quinsy, diathesis, an allergy, asthma, pneumonia, urticaria, eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, the small tortoiseshell, hypostasis Quincke. It is contraindicated at gastritises, colitis, enterokolita, stomach ulcers and a duodenum. The excessive use of nuts can cause a headache and even vomiting (more than 100 g of kernels of a nut a day should not be eaten).

But the fresh crushed leaves of a walnut put to wounds or ulcers for fast healing. Oil tincture (50 - 80 grams of the fresh cut leaves on 300 grams of sunflower oil maintain at the room temperature of 15 - 20 days), recommend at diseases of a liver and kishechno - a gastric path, and also for treatment of inveterate wounds and ulcers. Drink on an empty stomach on a tablespoon for two weeks.

So the familiar and habitual walnut can not only diversify with all a sweet table but also as powerful phytotherapeutic tool to strengthen, and even it is essential to restore our health.