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How to choose date of a wedding?

the Coming wedding can make any of us superstitious. Here my groom, for example, practically does not trust in signs (well unless, prosypav salt, will throw three pinches through a shoulder not to quarrel). But when I came across on the Internet a national wedding calendar, my future husband with interest began to study recommendations of our ancestors, and came to a conclusion that our wedding has to take place in August, but not in July as we assumed. Of course, I did not expect from the, in general, practical darling that he is capable to make so important decision from - for some ancient beliefs. But the idea to get married in August was pleasant to me, and I decided not to argue. Especially as before we did not determine date seriously, and only assumed that we will get married in July.

So by what criteria it is possible to choose date of a wedding?

Of course if you have defined happy day or there is a wish to date a wedding for some event (day of acquaintance, the first kiss, birthday of a cat or the hometown), all these signs not for you. The main thing that date of your wedding seemed happy to you. And here if uncertainty in this case reigns, there is a sense to get acquainted with national signs.

Wedding month - how to choose? Probably, to each of us the opinion that you should not marry in May is familiar to

- otherwise all life it is necessary to toil. If you are superstitious, trust national signs and you have an opportunity to choose any month of year, examine with wedding calendar our ancestors.

January - is not recommended to marry this month. It is considered that a wedding in January - to early widowhood.

February - quite favorable time for a marriage. Future family life will pass under the sign of a consent and trust between the wife and the husband.

Mart - is considered that at the marriage concluded this month, the bride should live in a strange land.

April - the wedding this month, changeable on weather, promises the same variable and changeable happiness.

Mai - is not recommended to marry this month. On national beliefs to marry in May - to see shortly change in own house.

June - ideal month for a wedding. It is considered that at those who got married in June the honeymoon will proceed all life.

July - wedding this month will introduce in life of a new family both happy, and bitter minutes - all will be equally.

Augustus - excellent time for a wedding. The husband will be a friend and the beloved for the rest of life.

September - if you dream of the strong and indestructible union, choose for creation of a family this month. Signs promise quiet and peaceful life.

October - adverse time for a marriage. Life of newlyweds will be difficult and heavy.

November - the marriage promises very rich life.

December - remarkable time for wedding - love stars will shine more and more brightly every year.

Monday - an unlucky day?

Some astrologers claim that is very important for what day of week your birthday that year in which the wedding will take place drops out.

So if your birthday drops out on:

is Monday one of the most suitable days for a marriage.

Tuesday - is better not to marry. Otherwise prepare for stormy family life where there will be quarrels and continuous examination, who in a family main.

Wednesday - it is worth thinking properly whether this person for the rest of life is necessary to you? The patron of the environment - changeable Mercury, and it means that today your admirer is burned with passion, and for tomorrow can sharply grow cold.

Thursday - marriage will be successful for those who seek for self-realization and leadership. If to you to liking homeliness and a quiet life, postpone a campaign in the REGISTRY OFFICE.

Friday - enviable marriage as newlyweds are waited by mutual understanding in intimate life and success in business. The reason - in protection of Venus, the planet of sensual pleasures and material welfare.

Saturday - this union will bring happiness to those who for the sake of a family are ready to offer career and the personal interests.

Sunday - you waits for the remarkable union. Partners will be for each other a constant source of inspiration and will help to reach each other all dreamed of.

The moon will prompt the necessary day?

If you seriously treat recommendations of lunar astrologers and believe that every day the lunar cycle bears in itself a certain power, do not forget to be verified with a lunar calendar, having specified for what lunar day day of your wedding drops out.

Are considered adverse for a wedding: 3 - y, 4 - y, 5 - y, 8 - y, 9 - y, 12 - y, 13 - y, 14 - y, 19 - y, 20 - y lunar days. Ideal days for a wedding: 6 - y, 10 - y, 11 - y, 15 - y, 17 - y, 21 - y, 26 - y, 27 - y.

To trust signs or not - to solve only to you. But, of course, you should not think of them too much. How there will be your family life, more depends on you. Though, quite perhaps, it is very important to someone to know that it is got married during the most favorable period, and on all beliefs cannot just be unhappy!

Be happy in what would day you got married!