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What to prepare from meat and potato? What two most widespread food products you know

? The answer is obvious, meat and potato. In my opinion, there is no person who would not know how to prepare these two remarkable products! Fried potato and with a good piece of meat - what can be better if you of course not the vegetarian? Or a kartoshechka - mashed potatoes with small cut, extinguished meat pieces sauced! Yes, much still it is possible to tell, and it is a lot of recipes to remember. I would like to share with you several recipes with which I pleased the family more than once. As the speech at us will go about meat and potato, these products will be present at all recipes in a varying degree.

So, let`s agree: all my recipes are very simple and do not demand special knowledge of cookery, I do not use expensive, exotic products, the amount of spices is limited only to your love or dislike for them. I like to cook that is called intuitively, that is never the same dish is impossible to me identical, I always add (I clean less often) these or those ingredients. Therefore I give a method, and you can either precisely follow the instruction, or add, or somehow change the recipe. One will remain invariable - existence of meat and potato.

Recipe 1: Potato pie.

Products: potatoes of 4 - 5 big tubers, meat pork of 500 grams, onions a green 1 bunch, garlic 2 - 3 cloves, salt and pepper to taste, 1 egg, 100 grams of mayonnaise or sour cream (everything depends on whether you want to make a dish more sharply). 50 grams of oil.

We clean potatoes and we put to cook, without having forgotten to salt water. While it cooks, we will be engaged in a stuffing. Meat is carefully peeled of films and sinews, we turn in the meat grinder (it is possible to take ready forcemeat, but fresh it is better). We add small cut onions and garlic, slightly we salt and we pepper.

While we were engaged in forcemeat, potatoes cooked, we merge all water and we rumple it, and we add egg and mayonnaise (or sour cream). At us quite hard dough has to turn out. We divide into two parts: I do such pie on a usual frying pan therefore I just impose dough in previously greased frying pan. On the turned-out pancake we spread forcemeat and we close from above the second half of potato dough.

Now we put the turned-out pie in the oven warmed to 180 degrees. Frankly speaking, I warm an oven always on peephole . As soon as potatoes become covered by a crust - the dish is ready. Pie can be eaten as we heat, and cold. I do not advise to spread on a dish as it turns out rather fragile if all of you solve, then it is better to wait until cools down, then there is a chance to lay out, without having broken it.

Recipe 2: Meat roll.

Products: mincemeat 500 - 600 grams, 2 eggs, garlic 2 - 4 cloves, salt and pepper to taste, 2 - 3 potatoes, 1 - 2 bulbs, 100 grams of cheese (it is possible to use any firm grade), mushrooms of 100 - 200 grams. Creamy or vegetable oil for greasing of a baking sheet.

We mix forcemeat with eggs and small cut garlic, we salt and we pepper to taste. Potatoes are boiled and we prepare from it mashed potatoes, having added grated cheese and small cut onions. To fry mushrooms on a frying pan and also to add to potatoes. Carefully to mix everything that homogeneous mass turned out. (By the way, I tried to fry also onions, but personally not really it was pleasant to me).

On the baking sheet which is previously oiled we spread a half of forcemeat and a hand we knead it in layer 1 - 2 centimeter thick, from above, on all area, we put, also a half of mashed potatoes and skatyvay roll. We perform the same operation with the remained products.

We put the turned-out rolls in an oven. (It is possible to grease from above with egg or oil, I, for example, tried to grease with mayonnaise and sour cream when the dish is already almost ready). When meat becomes covered by a crust, the dish is ready.

Recipe 3: Fast pies.

Happens so what after a lunch there are mashed potatoes and before us there is a question what with it to do? Of course, it is possible to warm on a frying pan, but all the same, taste not that any more. I offer you the recipe of pies which can be made very quickly.

Products: mashed potatoes, 1 bulb, forcemeat 250 grams, 2 glasses of flour, a bag of dry yeast, salt, pepper, sugar to taste, 1 glass of sunflower oil. Onions small we cut

and, having mixed with forcemeat, slightly we fry. (I bring to semi-readiness). We mix with mashed potatoes. We cook dough. For this purpose we mix flour, salt, sugar and yeast, we add a glass of water and we begin to knead that dough did not stick to hands, we pour on them sunflower oil, having kneaded dough, we allow it half an hour to have a rest, and again we knead, again watering hands with oil (oils it is not necessary to be sorry, the more you knead it in dough, the better, ideally you have to use all glass); when dough is properly kneaded, we begin to mold pies, using as a stuffing mashed potatoes with forcemeat. To mold very conveniently as the stuffing rather dense and holds a form. We bake in an oven, or it is possible to fry in oil on a frying pan. (If there is no desire to potter with the test, it is possible to use purchased.)

Here such pies with potato! Try, very tasty.