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What the choice at nail extension has to be based on?

Ugly and fragile nails there is nobody any more did not become a problem. Today, in several hours it is possible to become the owner of smart manicure with long beautiful nails. Nail extension - any more not the fashion trend, for many is need and daily occurrence. Girls without reflecting go to salons, and then with horror look at the natural nails Whether really building is so harmful to your nails and what of types of building is safest?

For today there are three main ways of nail extension - acrylic, gel and mixed.

Main advantage of acrylic building: acryle is not toxic, not allergenen. It does not irritate and does not cause a burn of your nail, strengthening it and doing to stronger. It promotes growth of your natural nail, and respectively, you should correct the increased acrylic nail more often. But such nail loses gloss and looks yellowish therefore not really beautifully looks without varnish.

Advantages of gel building is salutary impact of an ultraviolet on your native nails, such covering passes air and moisture that also positively influences development of your natural nail. The main shortcomings are sensitivity of a covering to sharp temperature drops that can cause fragility of the increased part of a nail, and also will very difficult get rid of such nails, unlike acrylic nails which easily are removed if to take them in a certain solution, gel it is necessary to cut.

the Mixed type has all advantages gel and acrylic, but at the same time and the main shortcomings can be shown as at acrylic, and as at gel building.

There is no absolutely safe type of building, all are harmful to nails - they gradually become thinner, but the main source of danger is the master. If nails are increased incorrectly, under a covering the mold can appear. It destroys a nail. Therefore it is possible to trust only in the skilled master who has a certificate.

On what it is necessary to be based in the choice of the master.

At first is desirable to walk on cosmetic exhibitions where the leading salons expose the best experts, to ask girlfriends, read magazines - today write much about artificial nails.

Do not hesitate to ask the master about an experience of its work, recommendations and of technology which suits your nails. In detail ask what manipulations will be made with your hands. Know that hands can become ugly because of the master. Pay attention to a workplace of the master and his own nails. The good expert always shows goods the person. In salon at first observe how the master works. Your fingers in his hands should not strain, any inconvenience and furthermore you should not feel pains. If during procedure the master is distracted by talk on a last word in fashion or discussion of political forces, then before you not the professional - he has to be interested only in your hands. The master has to own the tool masterly, especially it concerns the grinding machine. The real expert will never tell that you have dipped hands, and will in detail explain all subtleties and will teach to handle new nails independently.

Never be tempted with low cost of procedure for newspaper announcements

- the people who are badly owning technology give them, as a rule. Modeling of nails - high-class procedure, and the price at it corresponding.