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How to learn it is beautiful to speak?

Ability to speak - to tell information by means of the speech - the main criterion which distinguishes the person from an animal are the most valuable gift, he helped mankind to achieve everything that we see now. However everyone knows what can be spoken differently, it is possible to listen to some people for hours and hours, without coming off, others cannot up to the end simply be listened, suddenly there is a huge, inexplicable desire to immediately close ears and to run where far away. The article I will try to give several efficient, checked advice which will help to learn to speak as you want it.

So, the tool by means of which people communicate it is a voice. Voices happen different, their set, acoustics with full confidence claim that on the earth two people are not with identical voices. To us rather small classification: man`s (high, average, low) and respectively female (high, average, low). I, honestly, do not know why I so happened, but the vast majority of people in talk, deep voices (for men man`s, for women - female) perceive most positively. Therefore if the man talks a wide baritone or a loud bass, at least from - for it to him will listen. Such can not happen to the owner of a squeaky (high) voice. But the voice is not invariable size, it can quite be changed (the truth not in very wide range). For experiment you can try to sing along with the singer (or the singer) with voice which is pleasant to you, sing along so as much as possible to repeat all voice features - and in a month safely try to speak by voice of the one to whom listened - I assure you, changes to the best will become striking.

Well it is fine, we will be engaged in what is possible and it is necessary to change Radically, namely the speech. There is an opinion that women are auditory, and men eyes, however the man you is forced to afflict the hand-written beauties who are not able to communicate plainly the maximum of the first two appointments is visual, then to it, you see give interesting communication, differently in any way. And yes, the man is able to communicate better, the will wait for bigger return from object (that is girls) to which all its efforts are directed. I will give examples of what most of all irritates people in talk. Too wide use of words and phrases - parasites ( well generally it actually as if etc.) then long inappropriate pauses, incoherence of the speech (discrepancy of the declensional, temporary endings, the irregular verbal shapes), and many other things, about everything also you will not write.

In principle, all people grew up in the talking society, because to teenage age the vast majority normally talks at least in the native language, in habitual situations. But the stress - here that shows our weakness and helplessness when the situation unusual and a brain cannot pick up for a short time the ready decision, answers with ready phrases and offers! What to do? - and nothing, it is necessary to make new phrases, new offers and the quicker, the better.

And here training is for this purpose already necessary. It can be both natural, and artificial. Natural - when to the person by the nature of his activity, hobbies, or communication it is necessary to talk much and often, he forms an extensive lexicon, he says easily and easy, such people (them not really much) it is almost impossible to enter into a speech stupor. Artificial is when you artificially increase time of the communication, of course it is the best of all with interlocutors, but if they are absent, say, the TV quite will approach. Try to imitate the announcer, to speak the same speech - it will turn out far not at once, but remember that ability to adapt to the interlocutor, under his manner of communication is the first to what teach future hypnotists, besides at you the lexicon will significantly be replenished with quite good acceptable lexicon. You carry out trainings always aloud, otherwise the effect will be minimum. By Videale at you the equal melodious speech with necessary semantic pauses and noticeable emotional changes has to be created. And such speech has to accompany you everywhere and always, in any unexpected situation, we will tell acquaintance to the girl (guy).

You should not forget that along with training how to speak you have to study that, what to tell . Conversation is information transfer, and you need to possess it. Information contains everywhere, in any even its most usual subject so many that there will not be enough also days that shortly so to tell about everything. Personally I very much like such game for training of information fullness of the speech which is called small talk . This game is very often played in hostels by students philosophical, historical, sometimes journalistic faculties. It is simple and clear: several students gather in one room, set a limit, so to say 5 minutes. Then each of them chooses in turn to himself the opponent and offers the opponent a subject about which that has to speak five minutes the literary text.

First to play extremely difficult, and well - try to talk five minutes about a glass jar, in written expression it makes 3 - 4 pages of the printing text, not so it is not enough. But in one or two months limits rise till 10, and even 15 minutes. Then tasks become complicated, it is necessary to say not just like that as you are able, and we will tell in style of the Russian classical literature of the 19th century. And yes it is authentically known that not those students at whom it is better than a mark in the diploma try to obtain career success more often, and who usually won against those this game. It is an axiom - being able to speak well, always you are on the ball. It is also possible to fill up a lexicon from books, articles, even movies. Try to remember bright turns, words, word forms - remember, among other things, your speech has to be individual, bright, memorable!

So, on it I will stop so far if you are interested in my article (and I will see it by estimates), then by all means I will write continuation on the subject disputes, discussions, debate .