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What inventions will facilitate our life in the future?

Today we do not imagine life without some technical inventions. It is surprising that once people lived without mobile phone, or, having come home, did not watch TV. The fact that it seemed to us sweet dreams several years ago is available to everyone today. It seems that scientists already invented everything that is necessary for life. But it not so. Of what we dream today and what, at first sight ridiculous, things will become a habit in the future?

Presently when all inhabitants of the planet Earth constantly somewhere hurry, is not enough time even for such important procedure as a breakfast. Often busy businessmen have a snack substandard products. To protect your health and to save precious time, invented such remarkable thing as an alarm clock - a toaster . You wake up, and on a bedstand you are already waited by fragrant small loafs with a crust.

If idea with an alarm clock to you not to liking, and there is a wish to have breakfast toasts nevertheless, safely get a teapot - a toaster . It at the same time will prepare toasts and will boil water. In the future all of us will be able to enjoy really a breakfast, and, above all - also to eat properly.

You should not swear at mother concerning a strange smell of sausage soon. A fresh product or not - the special labels which are pasted on products will help to define . These labels will change color depending on freshness of that yum-yum which lies at you in the refrigerator. A fresh product - a label green, spoiled - red. Now you can not be afraid that mother will make to you rotten sausage sandwich unless if she is a color-blind person.

If you have children, then the problem when seemingly just bought ice cream suddenly is gone is familiar to you, and your child on a t-shirt has mysterious spots smelling of vanilla... Do not worry, new a special lid for containers with ice cream Ice Cream Protector from the " company; Ben and Jerry opens only at input of a special code known only to its owner. Enter several figures, and your ice cream into safety. The main thing - not to forget the code.

It is only the few from those things which will help to facilitate our life in the future. But it turns out that even rest can be made still easier . There is no such girl who would not like to go shopping. Psychologists call shopping - therapy beautiful view of rest. The only minus is that you spend a lot of time in a fitting room. From continuous fittings even at the most inveterate customer the head will ache. And what to do when you cannot choose between jeans and a pink blouse, and consult there is nobody? For the aid to you the American company invented a miracle - a mirror which will allow to try on things one pressing of the button. You see the image which you can send on e - to a mail to the family and friends, and on the display the quantity of their voices " will be highlighted; for and against . So you will be able to see yourself in the pleasant things, physically without putting on them.

And that only did not invent - the TVs which are built in automobile headlights, sticks for sushi already with soy sauce inside, the flying cars and sneakers with the built-in microcomputer . It is quite possible that in the near future application will be found for some these inventions. And our grandsons will ask: The Grandmother, and how you defined freshness of tomatoes without color labels earlier? .