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How to fight against the underestimated self-assessment, or Fall in love with yourself!

Heard sometime a saying that the one who does not love himself cannot love nobody else? I do not know

as far as it is right, but it is necessary to fight against the underestimated self-assessment. Dislike for itself disturbs not only to the person, but also people surrounding him. It is pleasant to whom to hear every day: I such thick and terrible or I am such unfortunate, nothing is impossible to me ?

Dislike for themselves is tested quite often even by beautiful people. Why does that happen? Perhaps, matter in the overestimated requirements to.

Often people see only negative lines while forget about advantages: I have curve teeth, I such ugly - the girl with the long eyelashes thinks.

In the people surrounding them they, on the contrary, see only the attractive parties: What big breast at it, not that at me - the thin girl thinks, looking at the fatty.

Such examples it is possible to give the sea. But if all complexes came to an end only on appearance! No... We worry that someone is cleverer, someone is more successful, someone is wittier etc.

the Joke in a subject: how you think whether the megalomania and an inferiority complex can be combined? Yes, there are people who consider that they have the biggest inferiority complex in the world!

Here and we often consider that we - the ugliest, the silliest, the most unfortunate, and torment with our assumptions people close to us. whether

A is simpler to learn to love itself such with what we were created by the nature? It is difficult, but in life there is nothing impossible!

For a start it is necessary to accept itself such what we are , with all our shortcomings. We can accept, eventually, other people.

Approach a mirror and look at yourself. Now straighten shoulders, straighten a back, pull in a stomach, raise the head. So it is much better.

Learn to watch yourself , how you go, how you sit. Caught themselves that when you go down the street, you look to yourself under legs? It`s cool! Raise the head, a look - forward. Think of something pleasant, and on lips hardly noticeable, but lovely smile will appear. It is much more pleasant to look on the street at the smiling person, than at gloomy. And you will understand it soon, will feel approval of people around.

Think of what is not pleasant to you in itself (the answer in total says that you badly thought). From here it is also necessary to make a start. What is not pleasant can be changed. Or perhaps and it is necessary to change nothing.

you are disturbed by appearance? That: figure, person, or perhaps look? With a look all it is much simpler. See in a mirror, make several different grimaces, smile. Something was not pleasant? Try not to do so any more. Learn to smile, rejoicing to everything that you see: to the sun, snow, toys, trees, birds and simply - lives! to

to you does not like the person or a figure? You descend to the professional - the makeup artist or the dermatologist, play sports, change a diet. But all this will not be able to help you if you do not want to look good to be pleasant first of all to themselves. Understand that such person as you, in the world are not present anywhere any more. You - one and only, unique and worthy love!

the Question not in appearance? You are not self-assured, consider yourself as the loser or the person, incapable of something? Yes same cannot just be! Each person possesses something anybody does not have that another any more. And you have too something that turns out best of all. So praise yourself for it.

Learn to appreciate yourself. Begin to read more, dare to be engaged in those things which are most interesting to you. Perhaps the matter is that you do not suit your work?

The main thing for the person with the underestimated self-assessment - not to be idle, and to work on itself. And at all not to listen to people who belittle your advantages. Perhaps they just envy you.

Listen to words of close people who try to reach you for a long time and to explain that you are mistaken, tormenting itself with unnecessary criticism.

So, the most important is to understand that you the remarkable person that it if people love you, means - is what to love for!

It is often possible to hear the phrase nobody loves me . And whether this is true? You have friends and parents who love you. So do not deceive yourself, look at yourself on the other hand. And failures in affairs concern all. Nobody avoided black strips of life yet. But what dazzling white strips seem then!

Higher a nose, everything surely will turn out. The main thing - to believe in itself, loved .