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How Apollo and a mouse quarreled?

In Ancient Greece Apollo was considered as the patron of arts, the predictor of the future, the patron of muses and god of light. And besides all this is the persecutor of mice and sent them only on objectionable to him the cities, however, for separate prayers, again expelled small rodents the arrows.

In beliefs and myths the mouse steadily contacts something negative and dirty. It serves in legends to witches, is connected with the earth and the world of the dead, does the emergence harm to the house where settles, and differs in excessive sexuality. Only opposition of cultures where the mouse conceded to Apollo is the reason of such attitude towards a mouse, and, according to Voloshin, became a pedestal on which Apollo, from time immemorial related the ancient union of fight, the closest of the " unions leans;.

Acquaintance to Apollo and a mouse takes place naturally and takes place step by step. At first - the mouse ran, waved a tail and broke a small egg gold then - a mouse, a mouse, take my milk tooth . And, at last, at biology lessons instead of learning about exposure of the theory of self-generation of mice, we learn from absolutely other book that a mouse - our support! .

About Apollo absolutely authentically we know that he is Belvedersky, that is it is presented by a sculpture of the fourth century BC (if only not to consider that in the Greek hall - a mouse!! white! ) . It is known that its Muses surround and that on the gold chariot he travels somewhere on the North.

We will begin with egg as advised ancient. Gold egg as a symbol of the Golden Age, does not give in to efforts the mere mortal, but a mouse, having wagged a tail, without effort breaks it. That is by and large interferes in the gold world of Apollo, reminding that any work of art can be easily lost. The gold gift of light god intended rather for inhabitants of heaven, than for mere mortals, this gift - art. But it is dead in the cold cover. And the mouse moves Ryabu`s Chicken to demolish a simple small egg simplicity of forms, vitality and sense clear to masses.

The mouse contacts ancient Muses and elevsinsky sacraments, thus, constantly accompanying or being opposed to Apollo. It does not concede to Apollo, and if light god grants talent, then from a mouse the inspiration obtained in grief proceeds and in memory of the Golden Age - the gold small egg broke, and from it there were only memoirs. And any formation of myths and melancholy for the Golden Age already belongs to efforts of a mouse.

Apollo`s fight and mice is looked through also in the medieval legend told Tsvetaeva by the poem Rat catcher - a magic pipe which entices from the city at first rodents, and then and children, - the mystical weapon of Apollo. And cruelty - too its business card - Marcia, dared to compete good luck in playing a flute, live rip skin But it is worth remembering that in Slavic beliefs there is a story that the mouse presented to the person a pipe whether and it paid for the generosity to people, having presented them a divine musical instrument?

The mouse, in representation of ancient, has the gift of a prophecy, than too is objectionable to Apollo. Art is urged to serve fine, to blow the mind, to be an example and a standard, to sing of eternity in all its manifestations. And predictability of art - already almost its crash. On obviously familiar curves household items and utensils are produced, art has to be unpredictable, in it its charm and property. But the stubborn mouse tries to destroy all plans of light god what it is caught and punished for!

But it is possible to see manifestations of viability and cheerfulness of a mouse in everything in what the contention reason is covered. Apollo is closed in the art, the mouse to seek for communication, to the donative victim, in the people! Therefore, the mouse becomes not only a support of society, but also the art engine in fight against her. And simple vital truth is often closer to us, than examples of high art.