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Whether it is necessary to argue? (We argue logically...)

Dispute, verbal competition, oral or written debate where each party, disproving opinion of the opponent, defends the. Dispute on words, empty. Dispute on yes and is not present unfounded, unsubstantiated. Such definition is given by the Explanatory dictionary of Dahl. Yes, dispute is a competition, but whether always it is won by those whose arguments are more logical and correct?

Since the childhood inspire in us: it is bad to argue, and to argue with adults badly doubly. The adult is always right as he cleverer also is more skilled. Further, when you will a little grow up, you begin to understand that it not always so, and appears other definition - in dispute the truth is born. And further, when appears authority we again as in the childhood, we begin to consider that dispute (with you) it is bad as you also are more skilled, and it is cleverer.

A nevertheless: dispute - it is good or it is bad? Whether it is necessary to us, or it is long ago the become obsolete remnant which it is necessary to eradicate and with it to fight ?

Let`s consider this question. I would not like to write scientific work or the paper, them is written much, there is the whole science about dispute, the conflictology is called. I would like to consider, so to speak, special cases. whether

to Argue with the administration? On the one hand, any chief if to ask him about it, will tell that he needs the employees able to defend the opinion, without respect of persons. And in actual fact leaves that dispute with the administration can come out to you sideways not without reason popular wisdom warns: he is a chief - you are a fool, you are a chief - he is a fool. And in this phrase, to regret, there is a lot of truth. I did not meet still the chief who would be delighted because that subordinates argue with him and as it has a little more opportunities, it is easy to guess, than such dispute can end! whether

to Argue with the wife? Well, any who lived more than a year in marriage, will categorically tell you: no. And those who speak yes do not live any more (the world to their ashes). Here on the question whether to argue with the husband? the definite answer cannot be given. Wives, as well as chiefs, always for that you argued with them, and argued their point of view. Otherwise you will hardly endure this dispute. whether

to Argue with children? The good parent will tell and, of course to argue, dispute will help the child to understand in what he is wrong . Something reminds, isn`t that so? The bad parent, unambiguously, will be against disputes as considers that dispute is belittled by his authority.

So that we have. It is senseless to argue with the chief, to argue with the wife hazardously to health, to argue with the child silly as you by definition are right. And what remained? Ah and! To argue with friends. Well, it is separate conversation. Dispute with the friend is already either a bet, or dispute on anything, otherwise it is not dispute, but a fight any more. And here the simple truth wins who has fists more, that also is right! As? Let`s argue?