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What role in the history of Russia was played by Varangians?

How there was a wish to believe in uniqueness of the Russian historical heritage, but the culture of Russia has synthetic character - it is the europeanization which is carried out by Peter I Swedish - the Lithuanian intervention, the Mongolian yoke, adoption of the Greek Christianity. But very first who paid attention to Slavic tribes were our closest neighbors - tribes russ entitled at east Slavs Varangians that is newcomers.

Varangians contacted to the east neighbors for a long time. It is known that Ladoga was the pioneer settlement meeting the ships of Varangians. This city stood on crossing of two trade ways which Vikings used: and the main - The Way from the Varangian in Greeks - passed through all lands of Slavs. Not only Varangians, but also merchants from Sweden, Northern Finland and Norway crossed Baltic, visited the Novgorod lands, went to Dnieper and Volga to rich lands the Bulgar then continued the way to Constantinople - the majestic capital of Byzantium.

Varangians were not excellent dealers, but such distant travel helped them to develop with the geopolitical plan, to win spheres of influence at Slavs and east civilizations. As Byzantium and the Arab caliphate did not aspire on rapprochement with Varangian tribes, already between russa and east Slavs a certain alliance about attack on the Greek capital was concluded. As, result, on June 18 860 g the numerous army of russ diluted with free teams of northerners, radimichy, residents of Vyatka and glades, which approached from Kiev by 200 fighting ships absolutely plundered suburbs Tsargrad - Constantinople - also besieged the capital of Byzantium. But for a long time the city was not taken, and to Greeks to the aid the additional army from the southern borders already hurried. As resolution of conflict the world on very favorable conditions for russ served. Subsequently a lot more attacks on the Byzantine lands were made.

In the middle of the 9th century association Slavic and Ugra - the Finnish tribes, under the auspices of Ilmen it is nice, promoted the beginning of fight of the indigenous Slavic people against Varangian konungs. As a result Varangians were expelled from all territory of East Slavic board, but other problem appeared. Between Slavic tribes interstine hostility strongly amplified. Leaders and military leaders made the decision on calling of the governor from outside. The choice fell on Varangians, the closest neighbors, ethnic relatives Slavs.

The come Varangian prince Rurik by force united tribes under the banners. But, in spite of the fact that Rurik was seriously approved in the Slovenian lands, it did not cause a loss to their national independence. Varangian leaders united to the local nobility, partially adopted Slavic culture and military art, strengthened trade. As soon as Rurik arrived to Russia, he occupied the first city created by then - Ladoga. Then, it elected the place of the possession fortress on the Volkhov River. The earth around fortress began to be called Novgorod or the New hail, it served as strengthening and a defensive position for russ. After Rurik`s death his relative is Prince Oleg created on Slavic lands the first state - Kievan Rus` . Thus, the civilization of East Slavic tribes collected under banners of russ - Varangians began to be called according to the patrimonial name of the governors.

By the end of the 9th century of a russa owned the extensive territory wiped from Lake Ladoga of the Bosphorus Strait and to the East from the Carpathians to the Volga lands. At Svyatoslav, Rurik`s grandson and the first governor of Russia bearing a Slavic name, russa seized power over tribes of Khazars and Volga region the Bulgar.

Varangians, undoubtedly, made the contribution to development of Ancient Russia and origin of the state, but various documents of that period demonstrate that Slavs already were on the threshold of creation of the power, and it is unknown how everything would turn if were not called on Slavic lands Rurik and his team.

Not to change the past, but also you should not forget it! You remember the history Good luck!