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Whether it is possible to get a good job, without having the higher education? I often should hear

: Everywhere people with the higher education are necessary! If there is no such education, then of good work there is nothing and to dream. It is necessary or to get higher education somewhere somehow, or to continue to work for a scanty salary .

But whether so it?! What it the higher education if without it we are doomed to a low-wage job gives us?

Well, give everything one after another...

In - the first from where this stereotype undertook? From newspapers. From advertizing newspapers where the majority looks for vacancies for employment. The person finds the announcement necessary to it which completely satisfies it to desires and reads requirements imposed to possible candidates. One of such requirements - the higher education! And practically in each announcement promising a little - malsk a decent salary, are such requirement.

In - the second what the employer needs the higher education of the applicant for? I do not speak about such professions as the surgeon - the cardiologist, the programmer - here the higher education is meant by itself. No, I mean when the announcement of discovery of vacancy to a position of the floorwalker, office - the manager operating shop and so on is printed. These positions have quite specific focus where, in my opinion, the higher education well is not necessary in any way!

And put here here in what: the employer wants to employ decent, the responsible who does not faint at the sight of the computer and will be able culturally to express in the native language! That`s all!!! The requirement of existence of the higher education is no other than simple scaring away illiterate and, simply, confused people.

You judge if the firm agrees to pay more, than the others, then how many will be persons interested to get a job in such firm? And how many among these wishing fans there are freebies, irresponsible, dishonest, silly, lazy, drunkards and other freeloaders?! That`s it to eliminate this contingent, the employer and writes that people with the higher education are necessary! Actually it needs RELIABLE people who will come and will work, to honestly fulfill the salary, but not to look for a convenient occasion to fake.

I will give a concrete example: my good acquaintance has a small shop. It happened so that one of shop assistants left and she should have found replacement urgently. My acquaintance (we will call him Andrey) submitted the announcement to the newspaper of the appeared vacancy in its shop.

The announcement was the simplest: the woman for work as the seller in grocery department is required. Existence of the sanitary book and experience surely. The schedule of work 2/2 with 8. 00 to 22. 00. A salary - 10000 rubles/month + % of revenue. To address by phone... .

Andrey`s phone as if exploded from calls of persons interested to get this job! Crowds of women of all age and appearances came to interview to it. Here what was told by Andrey: Bomzhy and drunks I never before saw Such crowd! Beaten, half-drunk, dirty, with an unpleasant smell - they were the majority. Eliminated at once, left only the most decent, with the normal speech and tidily dressed. So what?! One in the first day got drunk in an insole, the second pulled together five pieces from cash desk and told that and was, the third just did not come to work in the change .

It was necessary to submit it the new announcement, but now he already specified, as existence of the higher education - too is obligatory! Just added this phrase, nothing any more, and the contingent of persons interested to find a job at once changed! As a result Andrey employed the decent woman though she and had no higher education.

I will repeat: happens that the higher education is really necessary. But take in hand any newspaper with announcements on hiring and look - whether so there at many similar vacancies? Five? Ten? Perhaps, twenty? And the others?!

Here - here...

I want to give advice: choose some announcement of employment with the requirement of existence of the higher education (but, in your opinion, without which at this position it is possible and to do), call there, ask all your questions concerning work and then ask so: Tell please, and here the higher education - it is essentially important? . I think that the answer will pleasantly surprise you and will please!

Successful to you employments!