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What it is necessary to know about wedding customs?

, How many in the world of girls? Brunettes and blondes, thin persons and fat... All of them are different, live in the different countries and speak different languages, but when their life reaches such volnuyeshchy moment as a wedding, these darlings and gentle beings turn into the embittered harpies thinking only of this a holiday, sacred for them. It is necessary for all of them that their wedding was: unique special magic it is better, than at Liouba from the third entrance and so on. Each girl dreams of an ideal wedding. They can be understood, they began to dream of this day as soon as they learned about existence on Earth of such strange beings as men. In each country there are ideas of an ideal wedding. Let`s look at the most interesting of them.

What is the main subject of devichy dreams? Well of course, wedding dress. But important not only to dress tastefully, but also to consider traditions of the country. In England and America brides surely have to put on in the wedding day something new, something lent, something old and something blue color. As to consider all this at the choice of a wedding dress, to mind it is not conceivable. But more difficult it is necessary residents of the tribe of the Navajo, one of the largest Indian tribes of the USA. In the dress they have to combine four (!) colors, each of which symbolizes the part of the world.

As for jewelry - here separate conversation. If you live in Kenya prepare that the whole year you should live with the hands ornamented by special paint. Special patterns in it is red - to black scale symbolizes the status of the married woman. In Russia - a ringlet removed it and went for appointment, and in Kenya not so everything is simple. But in Russia there is other fine custom - the groom should not see the bride on the eve of a wedding. Really, it is better not to see it: at this time all brides begin to be nervous especially, in various occasions: the dress makes look fat, the veil falls down, and also the infinite questions in anywhere beginning with the words and suddenly... . And girls from Nigeria should not worry the dress makes look fat on the contrary, the bride has to recover as much as possible before a wedding, otherwise it will be returned to parents.

But not only the bride has to prepare for a wedding. In Italy the groom has to walk all day to a wedding in a green shirt, attracting wellbeing in a family. It is known that newlyweds often shower with petals of roses, rice, but if you marry in Italy, be not surprised when on you almond nutlets in sugar posypitsya. You catch them better. Also eat.

For those brides who still doubt importance of knowledge of wedding traditions of the country I laid up the shocking fact. So, present, young ladies, you married the good person in Kenya. The wedding took place perfectly, and you fondly consider that on a list of your hands indelible the whole year all wedding surprises ended with paint. But when you get up in the morning, and see the husband in a skirt and a romantic blouse... Of course, you is proud keep silent and you will not give the, we will softly tell, a state of shock. But next day everything repeats again. By the end of month the strange behavior of darling can bring to white heat. No, it is not necessary to suspect him of shameful hobby for heels and pass, it - only tradition. Month after a wedding the man has to wear women`s clothing to experience all weight of a female share.

A in general where you neither lived and whom nor married, the main thing in marriage - love. And let you overdid with typesetting of weight in fear that you will be given back to parents, could not combine four different colors in the wedding dress and your groom saw you on the eve of a wedding. He just could not live without you the whole one day. Love to you and happiness in marriage.