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How normally to make the presentation in PowerPoint? If you not the programmer, not the computer genius and papers download

from the Internet, but do not do, then this article for you. The student you or the parent wishing to help the child with difficult homework, perhaps was necessary to you or still it is necessary to do the presentations on the computer in the Microsoft PowerPoint program.

At first sight everything is very simple: registration on a template turns out colourful and defiant, the letters of words which are taking off from all directions, dynamic browsing of slides force to smile and be proud of the work. But at the time of presentation display to the teacher several nuances can seriously affect your assessment.

If with presentation registration you can be helped by the clever friend or parents, then in direct display of the presentation of the help there is no place to wait. My personal experience showed that most of all problems with the presentations arise when switching slides.

Often people put autoswitching of slides on time to simplify to themselves work. Perhaps, they even count exact time that the speech coincided with the necessary slides. During display of people begins to be nervous, lose the learned text or to speak quicker. As a result already rambling speech ceases to correspond to information on the screen entirely. There is a need to return back several slides that display finally fills up. From outside it looks more than awfully. Especially when fellow students begin to laugh at your failure. The assessment of your work will be corresponding.


Whether it be the school presentation or thesis defense at the modern level, are possible two options. The first consists available the DU panel from which you can switch slides. It is the best option. At the same time it is desirable to refuse switching of slides on time and in advance to understand by what keys of the panel slides are switched.

The second consists in lack of the panel. Here it is possible to agree with the person operating with the computer. Let it in certain places of your speech switch slides. If in advance it is impossible to talk to it, then it is possible to switch a slide as a hint ... and on the NEXT SLIDE we see... and intelligent request Next slide, please . It is not necessary to be afraid to talk. Do not take for demand of money.

On thesis defense without panel students, as a rule, significantly look at the keyboarder and wink (wag with hands). Any delay in change of a slide makes answering blush and complicates his further answer.

At me several people sent with bad notes on protection only from - for not coherence of his speech with switching of slides. And nobody wants to receive a bad note from - for annoying technical discrepancy.

Anyway nobody not in forces to forbid you to use autoswitching if you are precisely sure of the firmness on presentation display. Just try that everything left beautifully and according to the plan without surprises.

Well, I hope, these small features of the presentations in the MS PowerPoint program will help you not to lose face before friends or colleagues and to receive an excellent assessment or promotion after successful display of the presentation.