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How to be treated by means of sounds?

Word sound has two concepts: the first - a sound as the physical phenomenon; the second - a sound as feeling. Music is harmonious, that is, the air vibrations having a certain frequency. The human body has vibrations too, and scientists established that organism cages differently respond on sounding. Not each sound can be included in a melody. Many sounds which are perceived by human hearing (for example, a thunder, a scratch, rustling) cannot be music, they are not harmonious. Though noise of a rain, a surf, a thunder-storm is used by some psychotherapists as the weakening effects, as well as singing of birds. However, infinitely long to listen to magic sounds of the nature very tiresomely how tiresomely to sing the same note to recover from illnesses.

Treatment by music has an old story. So, already in the Old Testament there is a mention that the tsar David was izlechyon from an illness by means of playing a harp. Hippocrates, the patriarch of medicine, also very actively used musical therapy. And in 1729 Mr. Richard Brown wrote the known work Medicina Musica, and began to pay to music a bigger attention in scientific community.

And Corrine Elayn in the book Healing and restoration by means of light gives a peculiar list musical recipes .

Are recommended to the people suffering from paralysis and diseases of joints for listening: D. Suz`s marches, the Overture to To William Tell Rossini, Hungarian dances Brahms.

For TB patients: Strauss`s waltzes, Serenade Schubert, Ave Maria Schubert.

For the people having heart diseases: waltz Blue Danube Strauss, Waltz la minor Chopin, Humoresque Dvorak.

For having sleeplessness and calms of pain: Spring song Mendelssohn, prelude, Chopin, On love wings Chopin, an adagio from the Fifth symphony of Beethoven, Heroic symphony Beethoven.

For people with diseases of nervous system and mental diseases: Stephen Foster`s songs, Spanish tango, Hungarian dances Brahms, waltzes Strauss rhythmical folklore songs.

Of course, such recipes huge number. Psychologists recommend to make the ply - the sheet to taste. But it is necessary to remember that:

Rhythmical, rigid and vigorous music increases the content of adrenaline in blood and induces to active actions;

Quiet, measured music prompts to an organism the same rhythmic drawing of life, promoting big orderliness in thoughts and feelings and reducing excess stress.

It is considered that it is very effective to listen to music together as music strengthens rapprochement of souls. Of course, it is very useful to learn to play some musical instrument, even at adult age. The fact that only the children who are trained at music school are capable to understand and feel music is not truth. On the contrary, the person in an adult state is capable to estimate much at more conscious level beauty and depth of a sound. Cases when adults recovered from arthritis are known, being trained to play a piano. But for those who have no desire or time to take a musical instrument in hand some doctors and healers recommend to compose music, and it does not matter that the person does not know notes. Singing of usual poems (it is desirable in Russian) promotes strengthening of an organism in general, and recitation - to an izlechivaniye for cold and defects of the speech. Here it is not necessary to be afraid of experiments, and the result will quickly affect on health. It is desirable to choose the suitable place and time not to disturb people around. By the way, not only musical instruments, and also cups, basins, pans and other utensils are suitable for musical creativity.