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Where to find work to the freelancer?

Just few years ago so-called freelance portals and bulletin boards ( freelancer - the non-staff employee) existed generally only in English - the speaking Internet. However, for these several years and ru - no picked up this so interesting and the main thing quickly developing tendency, thereby having provided to experts of various orientation (though generally spheres of IT) rather facilitated way to earn and having respectively created the next way to find performers for the projects for employers.

Who such freelancer? It is the professional of the business, the mercenary upon execution who is looking for a way to earn additionally (and sometimes and to find continuous earnings on on - design to a basis) without formalities and difficulties connected with search official workplace.

Of course, some can object a set of the arguments including small safety of such transactions and frequent lack of guarantees, but here it will be a question not of it. Freelancers exist, and their extensive set that confirms also the fact that there is also large number of the customers who are looking for professional services for the projects on freelance bulletin boards.

At the moment in ru - not that there is a small quantity of such portals, and literally only couple from them have rather extensive base of users (both freelancers, and employers). In total freelance the websites provide rather identical services which are allocated only with detail of study of their implementation that is expressed both in ways of safe carrying out transactions, and in the general structure and functionality of these portals.

What represents freelance a portal?

I Think most simply to describe its main aspects:

- Registration of users in uniform base (freelancers and employers)

- Ability of freelancers to provide the summaries in the presentable

form - Ability of customers and employers to place announcements

+ Announcements on single projects (a basis of any freelance of a portal)

+ Announcements of a set for permanent job (to vacancies there is a place too) bases practically of any freelance of a portal Are that

today, however, each of the similar websites, of course, carries out various improvements for more optimum functionality. For example, a set of portals provide the function promoting safe carrying out transactions that provides an exchange from hand to hand at the virtual level, as much as possible reducing risk of carrying out transactions.

B what an optimality of non-staff work from the point of view of the freelancer?

- a Wide choice of the required services and a real opportunity to show the abilities.

- Work in heat and a cosiness of own house as much as possible lifts working capacity. Some can object that the true professional can lead it only to the nonprofessional relation to work, however, such freelancer who knows the business and treats it seriously (as well as money which requests for the services) will never allow a house situation to lull the into a false sense of security.

- Ability to use the own computer and all own software, without need to get used to something new or to master an unusual workplace.

Such pluses exists more, but I think that it is worth answering as well other question: in what advantages of price-work implementation of orders to the employer?

- Extensive audience of the experts providing the services that involves an opportunity to choose, the most suitable for the specific project, the freelancer.

- the Possibility of implementation of the " projects; on a turn-key basis without advance payment. Many freelancers take full payment for the executed order only after full completion of all work.

- the Possibility of the choice of the smallest payment for the project, in connection with the competition of offers of a great number of freelancers.

As well as in the previous case, such aspects exists more what quickly growing freelance bases of the ru portals - not that and extensive lists of freelancers and customers on portals beyond its limits testify for a long time to.

As the practical conclusion, I think, it is worth bringing by an example of freelance of portals both from ru - not that and because of its limits:

net / - the most quickly growing and functional freelance the ru portal - not that.

of com / - only one of the most attractive English - lingual portals.

I will leave investigation of other various freelance of the websites on your discretion.

Dare, future freelancers!