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What is a gothic style in culture and a gothic style - subculture?

in the history count the Period of development of Gothic culture since 1130, after leaving of Romance style in art and before a Renaissance era.

Words gothic style Gothic culture came from the Italian gotico that means barbarous, unusual . Ghats called barbarous tribes which in the 4th century destroyed the Roman Empire (though they had no relation to Gothic culture).

An example of Gothic style in medieval architecture it is possible to call Notre Dame de Paris (Notre Dame de Paris): arches and towers with the pointed top, the stained-glass windows, high and narrow columns extended down proportions, conic roofs. The Gothic sculpture is not attached to the wall plane any more as it was in Romance art, but it is integral part of registration of a cathedral, gives it a special look, using a play of light and shadow.

Transition to a gothic style in painting came about 1200 in England, 1220 - x years in Germany and after everything in Italy - is close 1300 - go. Methods of painting remained the same, but ideas of what has to be represented in a picture changed. Except images of religious subject habitual at that time, pictures - landscapes, still lifes etc. appeared. In the period of a gothic style the image in a picture of the real person (most often the donator - the customer of a picture) in the form of the Saint was the popular phenomenon. Thus the portrait genre developed.

In perod gothic styles the stained-glass window gradually forced out fresco. Colors of stained-glass windows became brighter, as well as in a case with painting, stained-glass windows on other subjects, except religious began to appear. There were stained-glass windows from colourless glass. Thanks to emergence of secular literature, the new type of painting - book miniatures began to develop.

Gothic literature is closely connected with terrible secrets, the other world, gloomy riddles, magic, the irrational phenomena. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts and other mysterious beings occur among characters; the reader is struck by a gloomy, mystical and charged atmosphere in which there is an action. In such style wrote in 18 - m a century Ann Radcliff, Mathew Gregory Lewis, Jacques Kazot, Horatio Uolpop, William Godwyn, in 19 - m -

Polidori, Mary Shelley, Metyyurin, Bram Stoker, to Le Fan, Edgar Poe. Novels Frankenstein Mary Shelley and Dracula Bram Stoker gained the most true commercial popularity later. Ann Rice and Howard Lavkraft became popular Gothic authors of the 20th century.

As for Gothic music - it combines in itself both strong emotional loading, and romantic melodies and texts. For the first time word gothic style applied for to King Crimson and Van Der Graaf Generator groups which played the music still at the end of 60 - x, and not from - for similarities to medieval music, namely from - for depressively - the romantic texts reminding the atmosfernost verses and novels in Gothic style. The groups founded a bit later (80 - e years: The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Fields of The Nephilim, The Cure) gave the music a shade of a mistichnost and, besides, a little philosophy, having ensured thus the world popularity. Presently the gothic style extended almost in all styles of music.

As subculture, a gothic style began the development somewhere at a boundary 70 - 80 - x years. Gotha is the main distinctive feature of clothes black color, sometimes with elements white, blue, red or other flowers. Pale as if the dead, persons, the high laced footwear, black bandages on wrists and decoration of occult subject - too signs it is ready. Besides are used such enough exotic accessories as a studded collar or contact lenses which give to eyes animal look. The clothes often happen leather or semi-antique (Middle Ages).

Gotami is used a set of religious symbols. For example, Ankh - a symbol of eternal life in the Egyptian mythology, except it - crucifixions, the Celtic crosses, pentagrams and the turned pentagrams, chaos symbols - eight-pointed stars very often meets.

The subject of a gothic style is beyond far this article. To describe this subculture, there would not be enough even whole book as one of the main lines of a gothic style - identity. Everyone got has much in common with other Ghats, for example, clothes style or a way of thinking, but it is even more differences between Ghats.