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How get to army? - 3 (the third part, not the last)

the Doctrine about military science

Winter morning 2003. Approximately at the same time in four barracks, loudly and accurately, the team is distributed: Company, PODEM!!! Before construction in the central pass on a dress code number four there were seven minutes . Approximately this speech the man on duty standing near a bedside table at an entrance door shouts. He costs and looks for hours.

Ya too I look at them when I rush in the dryer behind the boots. I still sleep, though I am not in a bed. But my sleeping head already realizes that, in these seven minutes, I have to be in time:

1) to Cast away the blanket with prostyneyu on a bed back, so that the bed did not look mint.

2) to Run away into the dryer. To grab, but not someone`s others, boots. To come running back.

3) to Get on on itself underpants, a stripped vest, a beluga, trousers. To reel up footcloths, to put on boots.

4) to Grab the single-breasted coat, and also a cap with mittens and dressing all this on the way, to run in a toilet.

5) In a toilet, having found an empty seat, to celebrate the small need (if I am in time also big).

6) to Rise in a system and to begin to wake up.

the Seventh clause is implemented extremely seldom, but it nevertheless takes place to be.

7) to be wrung out from a floor twenty five times if I do not manage to execute from the first on the fourth and as the obligatory conclusion - the sixth stages. The fifth stage of this fine army morning - very few people interests.

But today I, extremely, passed all seven stages. our commander of a platoon considers by

us. It is convinced that nobody got stuck anywhere. After this calculation we at a fearful rate rush on the street, on a parade-ground. We hurry. We very much love Morning hour of physical exercises !

On the street Monday. On the street it is dark. On the street it is cool. On the street it is snowing wind also blows. But on that it and Monday to be in twins an unlucky day.

Here we already on a parade-ground. Soldiers of our second educational company are disconnected on three steps from each other.

On the building of a staff which costs side by side with a parade-ground under a roof is a huge loud-hailer. It is called simply - matyugalnik . And here all crew, povinuyas to shouts from this matyugalnik, begins warm-up.

- the Starting position - legs at shoulder length, hands on a belt. Exercise - rotation by the head to the left side. Into four accounts. To do nach - NAY. Time - two, three - four.

the Most my dear moment in warm-up - Bending - extension of hands in an emphasis lying . I adore winter freshness of the trampled-down snow on a parade-ground.

Here warm-up ended.

that now Monday, winter, morning, and, above all in honor of what all of us in army, we receive " again; first prize . We win almost hour running tour on a military camp again. Rate of this tour is set again by the adorer of similar actions, our general favourite - the commander of our company. We run. We quickly run. For the people who still a month ago were noting own farewell we very quickly run.

is difficult to describe the thoughts in such time. I did not think of anything, however much for myself understood. Somewhere, in the depth of my consciousness, two of my internal voices swear:

- Well the freak, in army wanted? Wanted! Well enjoy! To you to horse-radish to enjoy. Look do not go mad, from pleasure!!! Ha - Ha - Ha!!!

- Well and that! Run it is useful for health, for an organism. I could not force to play normally myself sports at home. And here - all conditions. Through physical activities I become hardy physically and psychologically - Watch

, do not slip on turn, and that you will be trampled on horse-radish. Will not ask what you there. Will trample - how to call will not ask. there is no

- if I fall, to me will help to rise. And if I am not able to run further, then I will be incurred. We - a platoon. We help out each other If someone falls to it companions will help!

- Aha, and otkheranut it then in the dryer. You think them pleasantly someone to drag? They slightly live

In general all principle of life of collective in army, was described in A. Dumas`s book Three musketeers with terrible brevity: One for all and all for one! However the author of this remarkable book, understood as this slogan friendship, the help, mutual assistance, justice - at last. But in the Russian army as however, in all country, everything is understood a collar on vyvorot . At us if the soldier made any oversight or broke something, not only he suffers. All suffer with whom he was lucky to serve in one division or to live on one floor, for example. I did not understand it. The irrefragable answer on all my misunderstandings was given by the commander of a platoon when an opportunity it was presented to me to ask about it.

9. 00 local time. Morning proceeds.

On lesson schedule - the first two hours at us a subject under the name - Military topography . We pass

in a class which is on the first floor (in the cellar) our barracks.

We take seats for school desks. Everyone takes off a cap and puts it to the left of himself.

Enters the commander of our platoon - the teacher.

- to Rise, QUIETLY!!! - the sergeant - the deputy a lump orders. platoon.

- Is free, sit down!

We sit down, even without managing to get up completely. Occupations begin.

- Companions soldiers. The military topography - is not one many more difficult than the subject natural study which you had davny - long ago at school. Let`s check your knowledge of geography and natural study. That I knew what to begin with. Vinogradov!

- I!!! - Vinogradov who already began to fall asleep quickly got up.

- Tell me what form the earth?

- Earth round, the companion of guard the senior lieutenant!

- is right, from part. The earth has the ellipse form. You know what is an ellipse, and, Vinogradov?

- Yes sir!

- Well, tell us.

- Well, it Hypermarket - m. I cannot formulate... Shorter it is an oval.

- Yes you that! I am struck by your mind!!! You still tell that the ellipse is the circle entered in a square with the parties two on three.

- Well too an ellipse will turn out!

- the Good fellow Vinogradov. I see you did not shirk school of the house!

- Yes sir!

- Sit down! Somebody understood about what we talked to Vinogradov now. All understood? I am happy.

- Smirnov!

- I!

- Leave, and show to us on the map the Black Sea.

Smirnov left, took a pointer and stupidly stared at the card. There passed two moments of silence.

On Smirnov`s face was visible that it needs the hint. I began to whisper quietly:

- Novorossiysk, Adler, Sochi.

But Smirnov perceived only hints, the " type; more to the left, more to the right, above, below . The name of the cities were for it - an empty phrase. At once it became clear - at school it not strongly strained since on the card he looked as a ram at a knife.

the Pause dragged on.

- is good, show then the Red Sea or yellow. - the vzvodnik relieved the tension.

Smirnov`s Face, after this question blurred in a smile. He understood everything. But alas understood not so.

- you joke, comrade of St. lieutenant?

- Of course I joke! - the officer reddened - to do me not horse-radish more as with you here to joke! Watch here, the stupid person collective-farm

the Person Smirnogo, reminded Columbus or Miklukho`s person - Maclay who made the discovery. The commander of a platoon a pointer showed on the above-mentioned seas and explained where and what is.

- You understood Smirnov?

- Yes sir!

- Repeat that I now here for you told and showed! Smirnov showed

only very first - the Black Sea. The others could not. Vzvodnik yaret

- You are a freak, you what left when I went to bat for you? An emphasis lying to accept

generally - topography it did not turn out military. After short poll it became clear that not all understand geography. Moreover, not all are able to write, and one third - spells. I was struck not less our commander of a platoon.

- Kondratyev!

- I!

- What is written on top of this big paper? - the vzvodnik shouted, sticking with a pointer into the card.

- Grew - these - sk. Skye - fed - er. ats. ats. ats ation. Russian Federation.

- How many you, the snub-nosed elephant, paid what you in army would be taken?

- At all, comrade of St. lieutenant.

- Well and what with you to do? What will be able I to teach you to if you saw school only in a dream? It was right

! What the soldier from the person who does not know parts of the world and is not able to read can turn out. And show a compass to it - in general probably will be frightened.

So passed the first occupation for today. The following - tactical preparation . We stand

in two ranks near the weapon room and we receive on the AKS submachine gun - 74, on a cartridge pouch, on a bayonet - to a knife. If in an oruzheyka to you has the luck to drop something from what you were given (at first there are not enough hands), you surely are hit on the head what you dropped. I already develop a habit to strong hold all metal and heavy. I managed to be hit on the head the automatic machine which unintentionally dropped.

the Weapon is received. It was necessary to put on wadded trousers, valenoks, a pea jacket, a backpack road then to make toilet and to refuel. I already do all this on the road from barracks.

We are under construction near barracks in a column on three then we run on the educational town.

represents the Educational town pass - the poligonchik in places pitted by entrenchments, arranged with all obstacles and stands with the written information, any on them.

After check of number of a platoon (whether all reached whether nobody was lost) a platoon breaks into three of its components, i.e. into three offices. Bedlam begins.

- For the boundary of anti-tank hedgehogs, on plastoon ACTION!!!


First three times - I try to creep courageously. But already by the end of the first school hours, I creep, otplevyvayas a phlegm from the dried-up throat.

Ya I damn everything, I hate all, I hate the whole world in an image of the sergeant by order of which I have to so just creep here to and fro. I hate myself, for the fact that popersya in it shitty army Here my forces come to an end. I look back. I am not one. Behind two already lie up a paunch. From distinguishes from corpses, probably, only steam columns

soaring them mouths Thank God to creep on snow - any special knowledge are not necessary

I here at last we go, to be exact we move back, to native and just very favourite barracks.

pass After-dinner occupations in a class. It is, as a rule, medicine, engineering training and other science about military science in the theory .

On concepts of our crew and army in general, we are elephants. To realize who such elephant, it is possible only when itself you stop being him. The elephant is, as a rule, the young soldier who did not get used to " yet; to lawsuits of protection of the Homeland . From lack of this habit all problems of initial army life also follow.

At an entrance to a class, I paid attention to a pointer, three meters long at once. For what it is such long? The answer comes by itself when you involuntarily fall asleep, listening to long speeches how spaceships plow the Bolshoi Theatre . A blow to the head this pointer - bodryak for about twenty minutes And long it what the officer - the teacher did not napyagatsya by campaigns on a class and could reach everyone. Three hours of fight with More precisely with a dream which cuts down on the spot, and on a her already on a pointer It is one of examples of how the person learns to fight with himself.

Ya I sit and in every way I restrain