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As get to army - Small excursion

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on Inzhenerny Drive of the Zavolzhye district of the city of Ulyanovsk, you by all means will meet many people in a military uniform. At them in the summer on the head the blue beret is put on, and the top button is undone to show a stripped vest.

the Stripped vest is such white undershirt in a blue strip or - a blue undershirt in white as it is pleasant to whom. A stripped vest, being whole and pure - there is a pride war of the paratrooper. And when it dirty, oblevanny and torn - it becomes a shame of the paratrooper and paratroopers generally. It too - to whom as is pleasant.

If to come from a stop Car market straight in garages, you by all means will come to control - to check point number one 31 separate vozdushno - landing crew. If, having passed the check point to pass on the territory of the crew, then the first that will be evident to you - it is a dazzling order.

If on the street - that bushes are cut summer accurately under one height, and their surface reminds the plane, comparable only with a windowpane. Borders are painted in white color. The grass is mowed, are expensive or prometena prometatsya (and they prometatsya almost day and night), or.

If - all snowdrifts have winter the accurate geometrical forms (as a rule - and trapezes are more rare than a parallelepiped), and snow is put out of the ways (in this case too breaks few) or is cleaned.

generally - all as is written in the charter.

On some buildings which are in the territory of part under the roof, are placed big propaganda posters - urging to become real man .

Real man by definition of our Ministry of Defence is a contract serviceman. This is that person who from a hopelessness agreed to drag the miserable existence in this crew and to receive for it small money. But about it later.

we Will return to crew. Having passed on the asphalted leader`s the path from the check point - 1, have a look at left. The asphalted area, huge by the sizes, is necessary to your attention. It is a parade-ground. On the center of one of the wide parties of a parade-ground there is a tribune, and on it the microphone. The parade-ground is necessary in order that on it to stand, go, run and creep on it. But its most important appointment is it to sweep after on with it carried out all above-mentioned procedures. The tribune is necessary to force you to believe that you do all this not for nothing. And also for correction of your actions on a parade-ground. The person standing on a tribune has the gift to sit down on ears at once to nearly two thousand people at the same time. But I too will tell later about it. Everything is good in its season. Present to

that now winter. Morning of December weekday 2003. Present that you came to be in Ulyanovsk and in 31 crews. You stand in that place from where the parade-ground is well looked through, and the speaker on a tribune of this parade-ground is well listened.

Here on a parade-ground cost all divisions of crew. These are four battalions, several special separate companies and platoons and of course Bremen musicians - orchestra 31 ovdbr. Almost all of them from outside remind

refugees or strikers of factory on tailoring of camouflages. There is a feeling that it is strikers and is. A salary they were given goods still a year ago and here they gathered to state chorus the discontent. But they are silent.

of People on a tribune costs too and is silent. But it is one. He is dissatisfied with something and constantly glances for hours. He waits for someone? - you ask. Of course waits. You see a blank space between companies which size is more than between other divisions? There too has to be someone. And perhaps the person on a tribune waits for them.

Here they. Look at this running crowd. It is a company of material security! And they had honor to be late for divorce or morning construction. (Quite so this action for which all gather is called). And here they were seen also by the person on a tribune!

- Companion captain, I would be surprised if you came with the company to time. Run march. We you will wait even one or two hours, but neither for horse-radish nor two minutes!

Oh, miracle. The person at last started talking that on a tribune. It is not necessary to rejoice. He will say much. And for one or one and a half hours finally will bother you provided that you will penetrate into sense of his speech. And if to develop in itself ability to listen to it the same as you listen to knock of wheels of the train carrying you somewhere, then it is possible to stay on a parade-ground and two and three hours. The only thing that will bother you, so it only to stand and freeze. Look at

on left. You will see about three hundred soldiers who differ from all others markedly. They have a new form, new boots, caps and pea jackets. Metal plates do not shine yet. Soldiers are not filled as the others. A half of them sleeps standing, a half penetrates into words of the person standing on a tribune. Who are they, these people? - again you ask. You did not understand yet? It is an educational battalion! This recently arrived replenishment! These are those for whom all other people who are present at this parade-ground waited here.

A there in one of the last ranks of the second company of this battalion is cost by me. I stand - there are I! - these are thoughts in my head at the moment. Thoughts. Desires are not counted. And at me there is a lot of desires. But only three are the strongest now - to eat, sleep, get warm. As I am here only a month, the desire to leave home is present too. But I very well understood - that it is at the moment not real. And desire home disappears somewhere on a background. Also the desire which I christened as " disappears; girl . Likely because the embodiment of this desire is where also desire " in the same place; home .

to read thoughts of other people not to a parade-ground - it is not necessary to be the psychic. Almost all lyud standing nearby, thinks equally with me as well as I with them. We have same thoughts in the head which already began to pass into one rhetorical question. It sounds so: What horse-radish the house was not to me? . Meanwhile the person on a tribune continues to tell

. Let`s listen!!!

I do not understand you companions military personnel! And every day my misunderstanding grows. For this year at us about 30 cases of unauthorized leaving of part. Where all of you run? Home? What for? Why you arrived here if you run from here? Usually you do not reach the house, and till 3 years of a disciplinary battalion - reach precisely. To whom you better do? To, the parents or your telka? Yes to anybody. And it is worse you do to all and the main thing to yourself.

These two morons for example. Not all know this history. An educational battalion, listen attentively.

Served at us two morons. Though about the deads badly it is impossible. Let`s call them Vasya and Petya.

to Petya comes the letter from his girl in which it politely sends it to three letters.

Petya shows the letter to Vasya and two of them having drunk, decide to go to visit to the Petiny girlfriend. They open the weapon room, take on the automatic machine, take a half of ammunition of a box ON ALARM also go to Tatarstan. On the road kill about ten people from which a half - the cops trying them to stop. Eventually Petya wets wounded Vasya, and then is shot. Children so it is impossible to do Chuck in a bolt your girlfriends at once. While you serve here, they sleep with your friends. These are women - they are so arranged.

Is fine, we will not be about sad.

Ya personally hung up in the dining room a mailbox in which you, companions soldiers, could dump the offers on an occasion of celebration of new year. Yesterday I read these offers! I died of laughing. What you only do not offer. One soldier, in the letter, suggested to invite " group; " Viagra; and to arrange a disco on a parade-ground. Children, I from you hreneyu. Will allow I them I will invite. But you understand that even all your salary will not be enough for them even for plugs

U us still very low level of discipline

Well as, to you did not bother to listen? I think too that there is too much for the first time of information. Let`s leave a parade-ground alone and we will pass to the dining room.

Faugh - at what began to smell? - exclaim you. Be not frightened, it is only a smell of a bigus. This word and this smell is not familiar to you? I will explain. Bigus is a sour stewed cabbage which was for breakfast. The smell just did not disappear yet. And for lunch prepare Russian cabbage soup now. Russian cabbage soup at us is bigus diluted with boiled water. Proydemte`s

on kitchen. You do not want? Well. I understand - a smell. Maybe you want to look as there lives the battalion in which I serve? Well, your desire - the law.

we Will open a door to barracks, we will rise by the second floor and we will pass in the second educational company.

At an entrance door, you will be surely met by the semi-sleeping man on duty who costs on a bedside table. He lays a hand to a skull. Hi a pier what it was secured, you will leave tracks dirt now! Well as to you began to smell

in a company? Better than in the dining room. That smells of what pleasant and fragrant. It is spring. Well, not that spring of which you think. Spring - the toilet soap containing many aromatic additives. This soap washed out all floor ten minutes ago, and already stop washing a toilet. Here near the man on duty documentation board weighs. Do not read it. If you did not do military service, then you little there will understand. And if served, then at you, I think, there will be no desire to read it again.

A here, actually, company arrangement. And here the dazzling order, though lives 137 people here. Bunk beds are exposed in pairs, ideally and beautifully filled. There are they in parallel and perpendicularly concerning all the rest. On each soldier one stool, one floor is the share of beds, a half of a bedside table and a coat hanger for a pea jacket in a case. And all this is very beautifully located too. Not one furniture store and not one designer is not capable to reach such top of an interior, an order and simplicity. you, apparently, want

in a toilet? I will see off you. Over there is a door. I hope you do not gather on big to descend in pisyuar? No, I do not consider you for the fool, do not take offense, just in our army is also such which never saw a pisyuar. And as did not see, they in it celebrate large need . From where to them know that pisyuar - from the word to write . For other needs there are toilet bowls. But the soldier seldom uses toilet bowls. Only when in the morning for all there are not enough pisyuar. And for the intended purpose, i.e. for big need about once a week. The stomach digests everything and still asks. And nothing remains to a rectum. But when in revival in a company bring parental parcels with sweets and delicacies - toilet bowls are hammered very quickly. The stomach is not able to fight against it. He already weaned from this food. It is alien to it and he returns it to the world other. you know

, to me already bothered to wander about the company. And to you probably too. I suggest to walk to me home, to my hometown from which I am separated by 23 months and nearly three thousand kilometers. Close eyes. It`s cool. You can open.

you are in the best city of the world now. In the city in which was born and I grew up.

we Will walk on my friends and relatives.

Is a pity that That Ya who costs now and freezes on a parade-ground, listening to someone`s demagogy, does not know that his girl - already writes it the letter with a hint that she promised too much and cannot execute even the tenth part from these promises. Soon this girl in clear will send Togo Me on a her. Also will be engaged in more important issues. But it is very good that That Ya already predosterezhen careful commander. And that I I will not do similar nonsenses about which it was told on a parade-ground this morning.

All my relatives, as you can see, got my photos where I in a form and a beret stand against a flag. All are already proud that their son, the grandson, the nephew and just distant relative, got to serve in a landing . Though nobody knew that I at that time on the same landing to measures there was nobody. I was the cadet of an uchebka who still even plainly did not realize that he in an uchebka. I realized nothing at all. I only felt that life cracked and became similar to an ass. I even did not take the oath yet. About parachute jumps then still in general the speech did not go.

my friends continue to lead the cheerful life and that is not strong me remember. Left yes left. Will come soon. Though there were such boys who really worried about me and all two years wrote letters. But such for some reason it appeared a little.

I here result all of them here. And I there I and they, we were only on different sides of the Urals, and for me it were different sides of the world and all mine