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Why to a cucumber short moustaches, or Get acquainted - the Indian miracle of

the person is So arranged - in the winter he wants summer, in the summer - winters. In the summer, to be exact in the fall cucumbers become boring and do not know any more to think up to update their taste. And in the winter I paid attention to the prices of fresh cucumbers in greengroceries recently and reflected. Why the person is so arranged, in the winter he wishes summer, vegetable, and in the summer ?

Now, about a miracle. It is worth pronouncing the word India and we remember any exotic things connected about it wonderland . Yogas, the trained cobras, mongooses, elephants Meanwhile, we meet the Indian miracle and on the native earth, in the most everyday circumstances: on kitchen gardens, in kitchen. In the markets where we buy cucumbers.

This vegetable is from India. The cucumber reached a wide circulation in Europe only in the 16th century when the cucumber bed in front of the house became a symbol of family wellbeing. But generally the cucumber - one of the most ancient vegetables, it was known to people four thousand years ago. The image of a cucumber lash decorated walls of the Egyptian temples, the remains of fruits were found in tombs.

In ancient Rome the emperor Tibery was an admirer of cucumbers. The emperor came to good mood if at dinner it was given fresh cucumbers. Trying to provide to any vegetable of the emperor the best conditions, the gardener thought up a kitchen garden on wheels . Boxes with seedling were established on wheels which turned behind the sun that added to seedling quantity of a sundial.

Botanists carry a cucumber to family of pumpkin. A cucumber and its relatives - a water-melon, pumpkin, a melon - ask for the help having diseases of kidneys and a liver.

Well, and why to them short moustaches? The cucumber as if throws a green lasso: each four minutes its short mustache spins. It is the experienced reception of a liana whose weak stalk cannot independently stand. The cucumber did not lose the right to be called the spiderman. But he climbs now a wire which, saving the place in the greenhouse, was pulled by the person.

Greenhouse, hotbed. You will not throw out these words from the biography of a cucumber. The Russian climate for the Indian guest was too severe. How many it was necessary inventions, resourcefulness, patience and work to make a tropical plant one of the most widespread and the vegetables loved by our people.

Tell about love to a cucumber also the following facts. One or two years ago in Moscow were going to build a bronze monument Pickle . But the government of Moscow considered that such monuments have to stand in rural areas. And here the government of the Moscow region approved installation of a monument to a cucumber, provided by the program of celebration of anniversary of Lukhovitsy in 2007 . The Lukhovitsky area located on Hugo - the East of the capital area, long since is famous for the excellent cucumbers which are grown up here. The cucumber is a symbol of these places, one may say, its the most untwisted brand - he helps to earn a living of considerable part of the population of the area, and tinned cucumbers of local production are known across all Russia.

Intend to put a monument to a cucumber also toilers of state farm White giving in Lyuberetsky District. And the first the village of Istobinsk of Orichevsky district where in the summer of 2003 the bronze monument 6 meters high was established immortalized primordially Russian snack.

And truly, this unusual vegetable is really worthy a monument. It is eaten by the person already throughout nearly three centuries.

During the whole year a diet of the modern person does not do without cucumbers. In what its nutritional value, for 95% a cucumber consists of the structured water? It appears, the cucumber by right is considered the champion on the maintenance of alkaline valencies. Therefore fresh it serves as excellent means for the prevention and elimination of shift kislotno - alkaline balance in an organism in the sour party. In cucumbers also enough mineral substances, especially potassium. It explains their expressed diuretic action. The fasting day from 1,5 kg of fresh cucumbers can replace reception of easy diuretic preparations.

There are in cucumbers also pectinaceous substances which promote improvement of intestines, and also the tartronovy acid constraining synthesis of fat from carbohydrates that is especially important for having obesity. Fresh cucumbers moderately stimulate acid-forming function of gastric glands, promoting thereby the best assimilation of the eaten food.

And many women know that the cucumber serves also as excellent cosmetic. The compress or a mask from cucumber juice on a face, hands and in general on skin has the toning effect which can be strengthened, having added the wrung-out cucumber juice to a bathtub. The phosphoric acids which are contained in cucumber juice, vitamins B, With, carotene and adhesives promote clarification of skin, soften and bleach it, do it smooth, more elastic and velvety.

And I all - bought several fresh cucumbers. Added them together with fennel blades of grass in usual winter salad, and it turned (will not believe) in spring! The dish began to smell in the spring, greens, the sun. Here what with us is done by the Indian guest - forces to believe in a miracle.