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About what the handsome - kenar is silent?

U us live in the house Afonya - canary plumage and a remarkable voice, it that all of Basques from the TV retired. During warm seasons of the grandmother sit on shops under windows - places reserve. Neighbors in an entrance - rejoice. And once on a staircase very drunk young man who sat on a step was noticed and blissfully smiled. Probably, there was one of his most harmonious hallucinations. Quite, however, real and very yellow.

Naturally, at such high rating all it is noticeable at once when the bird does not sing. When Afonya suddenly became silent, neighbors began to ask me - whether everything at us is good. The competitor - a parrot was delighted, and screeched more loudly than usual. In the TV it was drawn Basques.

At first I thought - winter, but began to look narrowly at a bird more attentively. Afonya everything was good, but the plumage on tips of plumelets began to darken. Nothing means - if the bird is cheerful, jumps on a cage and well eats, it has clean paws and a foul place, and the look is fervent, let become other color. Too everyone comes to us to hitherto not colored mind.

Nevertheless, Afonya became already serious subject of supervision. Every morning, removing a nightcap from its cage, I estimated changes. Noticed. He began to carry out by a beak on rods. So all birds do - clean a beak or just play. But mine kenar did it constantly, so, at a bird the beak itched. At this moment I drew the first conclusion: with a bird something not so.

Those who support decorative birds well know how it is sometimes difficult to reveal this or that disease. Perhaps, from all diseases of birds only the scabby tick is defined easily - whatever area he struck. As for other infections, and also deterioration in health from external factors - here a big clean sheet of a Whatman paper for imaginations. Here only, alas, our imaginations still did not cure any bird.

So if you noticed strange changes in behavior and appearance of a bird, it is necessary to look round around. And it is necessary to make it as soon as possible, did not begin " yet;. Unfortunately, decorative birds are very sensitive to any adverse external factors, and can die quickly enough. Besides, it is necessary to remember the simple rule: the birdie is less, the she is weaker in relation to the huge monstrous world.

I noticed long ago that it is necessary for any bird to get accustomed in the house. This verb quoted undertakes much: smells, humidity of air, quality of tap water and so on. Sometimes, that birds just do not live in the house - perish for the unspecified reasons, and all here. Any the fan is Shui here at anything - just banal fragrance or means from a moth which will ruin a bird can lie in the house in a wall case. In general, if you decided that in your house there will live birdies, then remember: a smell - the worst enemy of birds. Means for a clearing of pipes, plates, glasses, pungent smells of air fresheners - have to exist separately from birds. Stipulate this point at once: we clean a plate - we carry a bird in a bathtub.

Drafts, cats, dogs and children who drop a cage - here everything clearly without explanations. And the drunk relative who approached a cage spread wide hands and made terrible Baaa! will only please a bird, having set thinking once again who, nevertheless, is higher in hierarchy of wildlife.

There is a most important: food. More precisely, not carrot with an apple which we lovingly rub and we give them in a lid, and a grain forage in which there is no confidence. Without going deep, having sighed, in a marshy subject of low-quality goods and a counterfeit, we will stipulate here that: any of fodder mixes popular today in our market - is dangerous to birds. It is dangerous as a product with which you are going to feed a bird regularly. The matter is that all popular forages contain amount of vitamins, superfluous for our birds, minerals, and often also the preserving and antibacterial substances which are also dangerous to birds. The expert will surely tell you that such forages can be given as prevention, but it is impossible to feed with them a bird regularly. The best option of a grain forage is the our native mix put in unsightly polyethylene sacks and costing absolutely not much - in it there are absolutely definitely no additives. But, certainly, it is necessary to check - who producer, what expiration date and to frighten the seller that you will surely return with relatives by the name of Klitschko if something happens to your bird. In a word, to come into contact on the future.

New grain mix was responsible for silence in our house and a strange condition of my kenar. It is a lot of exclamation marks after the word quality were signs negative. This mix, notice, recommended to me in decent shop where I am well known as the regular customer, and every time politely are interested in health of all my animals (not to speak heads I will tell - 16 - ti legs).

So, I cleaned mix which he ate about seven days from Afoni`s feeding trough. Almost at once he ceased to scratch a beak, and next day started singing. However, in two its hours began to ask to keep silent, well nothing is heard! Afonya sighed, pretended that he took offense, and in twenty minutes got a long trill again. In a word, everything fell into place. In the TV Toto Cutugno sings. Not Jan Gillan, of course, but too anything in places. However, Afonya?