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Why we look for the half?

Are such legend that in each person there are two halves - the man and the woman. Therefore each woman looks for the man who would be very similar to that her half and vice versa. And all this with one purpose - to find INTEGRITY.

This article does not apply for the validity, it just research, a hypothesis. Goodness knows, and suddenly and truth?! In this article I do not touch upon a domesticity subject, I investigate only soul, our aspiration and search of the soulmate.

That in general it man and woman ? What do we differ in? Probably, it is certain qualities, abilities, states. I yet not up to the end understand this magic of an attraction, magic of floors why we in general are differentiated. If to speak about soul, then it has no floor, so? But we are for some reason men and women and constantly pulls us each other. Yes there are different occasions of this attraction - it is also desires of sexual proximity, and it is just warm, the aspiration to convenience, but nevertheless is simple and something deep and it is intimate. In what invisible sources of an attraction?

So. If to accept that the man and the woman are certain states, abilities, skills, feelings, abilities, then the melancholy for couple becomes a little clear, it is rather a melancholy for integrity. We lack ourselves, that soulmate. That is, the man lacks the woman, to the man`s woman as certain sort of qualities, abilities, feelings. Therefore we devote lives to searches of the one who will help to find to us integrity.

Each our soulmate has the image, we intuitively feel it, and every time, meeting the person we verify - it is similar or not. We can look for his all life, we can look for his several lives. We can find in one life, and then lose again, and again continue search.

Why to us this half? What does it give? I will try to compare to a key. But for a start I will tell one story, one small instant which as the beam covered understanding of one of the aspiration reasons to finding of the soulmate. This history, this feeling was described to me by one my acquaintance.

Everything began with its photo. It struck it. He long thought as if remembering. And then at a meeting felt as if in his breast, in soul the door locked. Behind a door, something far, forgotten, real, deeper which so is not enough what you cannot concern the door is locked. But on a door the woman`s drawing. It is so similar to it. He wanted to press it to himself as if after that there will be something, the lock will work and the door will reveal, and behind it incomprehensible depths of soul, itself

At this moment of the identity of an izchezla, I did not understand that before me, there was only a soul, a door and a key. It was the moment of pleasure, integrity which it is possible to look for millions of years And only words sounded inside: You were not hundred years and to release you, to lose again

In this description it is visible that finding the soulmate, she becomes just a key, that which reminded the person of itself. It is a certain harmony, this return to itself, return home. There it is silent, warm, a harmony, there force, there pleasure, YOU there!

Now when the door is open, it is possible to consider that there in you, it is possible to disclose those abilities and forces which were hidden behind a door. However, it is important not to appear in a trap, having considered that the person who helped to reveal himself, is necessary to you constantly now. In it the biggest mistake.

For certain in life to us many people which will seem halves can meet. And it will be true as they will help to open one more and one door, before full disclosure of soul, to an exit in boundlessness.

Why there can be many people? I think, the answer is simple: our personality is so many-sided and difficult that before finding of integrity - a sphere it is necessary to add or square many sides. Unfortunately, for the personality a half of apple to be too simple. And here as a hobby - is closer.

What it is possible to take from this reasoning? Probably, that be not afraid to open be not afraid to look for, and, the main thing, to see that the one who near you whom you consider by a half - a key to undercover doors of your soul.