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How to diversify a vegetarian diet?

the Middle of winter threaten with avitaminosis - so, it is time to enrich the table with vegetables and greens. the transition Reason on a vegetable - a fruit diet everyone can choose

to taste: for example, reasons of fight against avitaminosis. Or, say, a diet before a beach season. Not the last role for considerable number of people is played by a post - Great will begin this year early, in February.

And someone in general always eats only gifts of flora because the vegetarian and fauna on a table perceives as a personal insult.

And all these people unites a question: as if to diversify a table on which there is neither fish, nor meat?

Pleasure not from cheap the Vegetarian diet can be rich and various

. Unfortunately, most of people is horrified about thought of a vegetable diet, having remembered range Soviet period: salatik from beet, cabbage, carrots, apples and as a seasonal delicacy - cucumbers with tomatoes.

Just right to remember Twelve chairs where false hare or carrots cutlets were a symbol not of healthy food, but ordinary poverty.

However approach to a vegetarian diet now steadily changes. Declaration of society Vegetarianism for the elite warns: Before to become the vegetarian, estimate the opportunities - including financial . Vegetables - it is prestigious! - Uma Thurman and Drew Barrymore declare.

Well, now the vegetarian diet can be made rather convivial and gourmet. The root of a celery and avocado which is strongly approved in salads not only the chief - cooks of restaurants, but also ordinary hostesses stopped being exotic. The choice of fruit is not less rich: from bourgeois pineapple to still exotic for us a kivana and all of new and new hybrids - such as pear mix with apple or the metis`s descendant - grapefruit and pomegranate.

Yes what to say about exotic if, for example, ordinary cabbage or onions - not one grade: the cabbage is color, Chinese (Beijing), white, red, broccoli, a kohlrabi, Bruxelles and Savoy, onions - napiform, red, a leek, white.

However, reasons for complaint will be too. To begin with the fact that in the majority of supermarkets all this variety is very limited. You will not always find even Brussels sprout. Cucumbers - as on selection long and watery. The choice is broader than some tomatoes, but too not all that well. And color pepper - as if plastic models and same tasteless.

There are artichokes, but practically not to find a fresh asparagus. It is possible to find fennel, but there is almost no cape gooseberry anywhere - the Mexican brother of the senor of tomato. Where to find radicchio - the kind of chicory which is used in salads? I do not speak about some sweet potato!

However, I lie: just sweet potato - that I found yesterday and even bought couple of tubers (sweet potato!) .

Still a problem - time for cooking. On the one hand, vegetable dishes prepare quickly enough. With another - completely working families very often solve a dinner problem simply - a lasagna or sausages in a microwave. What to do fasting, keeping to a diet and to vegetarians?

Well, the choice of vegetable canned food is quite decent: letcho and salads which producers compete among themselves in the imagination: one offer Eggplants in Turkish others - Haricot on - Ukrainian . Peas, corn, multi-colored haricot, siliculose haricot, lentil in banks, olives, marinated mushrooms - from Siberian " chanterelles; to local Oyster mushrooms .

Among marinated cucumbers - tomatoes it is possible to find a green asparagus. However, taste of marinated and tinned will strongly differ: very young marinated - ostrenky, similar to gherkins, preserved - more fresh.

A special question - products from soy. Someone loves, someone hates, but in them really there is a lot of proteins therefore vegetarians with an experience treat soy as to an inevitable product of a table.

At restaurant

Where to have a bite something vegetable during the working day? It is possible to be overstocked with goods, of course, by salatika from a supermarket. And if there is a wish to arrange a feast of spirit and a holiday of a stomach?

In the capitals it is simpler. In St. Petersburg, for example, there are such specialized institutions - Idiot (possibly, the remark of the illegible meat eater to the vegetarian is immortalized), Troitsky Bridge semi-sovok World Rose and Krishna Govinda . In Moscow - Yamsky field the phytobar in " club; The Way in Dzhagannat Gauranga " Avocado; Ganges . And here in the province with specialized institutions for vegetarians a crunch.

However, recently in usual cafes and restaurants vegetarian cards began to appear. For example, vegetarian pizza is in any pizzeria. Many vegetable dishes always offer the Chinese restaurants.

From the vegetarian dishes offered by good restaurants slobbers flow in advance: The Baked " cheese; " Feta; with salad from an asparagus Vegetable couscous with a saffron Big ravioli with a vegetable stuffing under " tomato sauce; The Vegetable lasagna with spinach and " champignons; The Baked boletuses with potatoes and dried " tomatoes; Chanterelles with potato trickled pastries Ravioli with a cheese stuffing and nuts with the cheese " sauce;...

At high-class restaurants among winter it is possible to regale on spinach, a sorrel, corn ears - the baby, pods of sweet green peas, fresh French siliculose haricot, a very young morkovochka. From mushrooms - boletuses, chanterelles, champignons, truffles, sometimes, by the special order - morels. There are environmentally friendly products which are grown up in limited quantity.

Fasting and keeping to a diet at any good restaurant respect:

- We will always meet requirements of the client if he asks to replace any ingredient, for example, mayonnaise with vegetable oil, - told me at one of restaurants of our city. - It is very actual for many ladies. It will not be required to pay extra. And still we can prepare a dish by the special order.

Generally, a vegetarian diet - that is not obligatory boring chewing of a grass and spinach... It can be quite appetizing and various - the main thing, to approach with the imagination!


First and the best-known vegetarian society ( The vegetarian society ) it was based in Manchester, in 1847.

Vegetarians were Lev Tolstoy and Ilya Repin. Also great villains and almost sacred were vegetarians: for example, Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi.