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What can be marriage?

our time do not stand still, everything moves, everything changes. Someone aspires time to stop and keep everything as was, and someone seeks to change everything and to live in a new way. And it concerns all aspects of life. Including types of marriage, matrimonies or call them, as you wish. About them the speech will also go.

Ten centuries ago in Russia there was one type of a wedding and family life - young people were connected a ceremony and they became the husband and the wife. There was a custom later to get married in church, and only such marriage was considered only correct and lawful. Though on a joint of tradition there lived two forms. At first carried out a ceremony on all Russian customs, and then went to wedding. Anyway - the family was born. Later time the ceremonial wedding practically left. There was a wedding, and began to undersign for the REGISTRY OFFICE still later. The marriage registered in the REGISTRY OFFICE was considered lawful now. Moreover, in Soviet period two loving persons quietly could live together only after visit it the REGISTRY OFFICE, receiving the press in the passport and findings of the proud name of their relations - marriage or a family!

What is this wedding?

Wedding - a marriage registration ceremony. In Russia it is carried out in bodies of civil registration, and at will and provided that at least one of couple marries for the first time, - in Wedding palaces. According to the Family code of the Russian Federation, consists in personal presence of the persons wishing to get married, after a month from the date of submission of the statement by them (the specified term can be on a number of circumstances both it is increased, and it is reduced up to registration in day of filing of application). A condition of a marriage are: voluntary consent of the persons wishing to get married achievement by the persons wishing to get married age of consent (by the general rule - eighteen years, but can be lowered to sixteen, and under the law of the territorial subject of the Russian Federation - till fourteen years).

With it it seems as it is clear, for an exception of why this very important action was called marriage?!

What types of marriages happen?

Church marriage - the marriage consecrated with any church. In many countries has validity, in some is the only legal form of marriage. Other states including Russia, do not recognize now validity of church marriage therefore priests before its conclusion recommend to carry out registration in bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE. In Orthodoxy and at Catholics wedding makes one of Sacraments - Wedding.

A civil marriage - the marriage issued in appropriate authorities of the government without participation of church. Recently simple cohabitation of people is often called a civil marriage that is incorrect. And the correct name the Actual marriage or the unregistered marriage - the relations between partners - spouses not issued in the order established by the law. Even during the maintaining the general economy and/or presence of the general children admits legally not everywhere and not always. The USSR admitted in 1926-1944. According to the current Family code of the Russian Federation, the unregistered cohabitation of the man and woman does not generate the marriage rights and duties though the rights of the children born in marriage do not differ from the rights of the children born out of marriage.

About ten years ago only the most fearless lovers, today most of young people decided on it before registering marriage, live sometimes till several years in a civil marriage. Maybe it is worth taking it into account as it allows people to taste family life. Though there are still a lot of opponents of this type of marriage.

the Left-handed marriage - marriage between persons of unequal position. Now this concept remained in dynastic regulations and laws of a number of the countries.

Temporary marriage - in the certain countries the legislation recognizes its validity. Duration is defined by the agreement of the parties and is established in the marriage contract. At the same time the amount of repayment which the spouse transfers to the wife in such marriage is established. After the term for which it was concluded marriage and any legal relations between spouses are considered as stopped.

Fictitious marriage - registration of marriage without intention to establish a family, for receiving from the state of the related advantages. The proved lack of intention to establish a family in Russia is the basis for marriage recognition invalid.

of Poliginiya - a simultaneous condition of the man in marriage with several women. Of course, marriage consists the man with each of women separately, and gradation are possible. In Sharia there is a restriction for the number of wives - no more than four. All other inhabitants of a harem are not considered as wives, however they have certain guarantees (from the owner of a harem) recognitions of the child in case of his birth. Nevertheless, their situation is significantly lower, than at wives, and reminds slavery rather. Well, such type of marriage has explanations - traditions, demographic situation. In our country it is possible to meet lately something similar too. However, informal, but there are couples living on three persons. Also are happy!

Though, it is necessary to notice that in ancient societies there was a custom to take away to itself the wife of the died soldier. The relative could make it. And well, not to vanish to the woman!

of Poliandriya - a simultaneous condition of the woman in marriage with several men. Occurs seldom, for example, at the people of Tibet, the Hawaiian Islands. Besides, the reason in a demographic situation.

Group marriage - cohabitation of several women to several men. Presently is a form of experiments of youth. Sometimes is called Swedish family though Swedes oppose such definition. Earlier many scientists claimed that group marriage existed in primitive society at matriarchy and preceded institute of pair marriage; now this theory is considered very doubtful.

Same-sex marriage - cohabitation of homosexual couple. In many countries of the West (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Iceland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland since 2007), and also some regions of the countries of North and South America same-sex couples can get married. Some churches also recognize homosexual marriage (for example, Swedish episcopal). In the corresponding national languages and legislations the same word which is translated into Russian as " is used; marriage ; the conclusion of such union generates legal consequences, similar to marriage. However, it is clear that from these consequences there is a number of natural exceptions as in such union there cannot be general biological children (but there can be receptions). In the majority of the countries including in Russia, same-sex marriages do not admit and are not registered.

I there is more to come types of marriages. Today`s society creates new and new forms. At the heart of some there is something primitive, others - a specular reflection of our modern thinking. What to consider correct - to solve, probably, to everyone. The main thing that were happy, but that happiness it did not destroy our world.