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Why it is necessary to watch the movie Island ?

About the movie Island All, of course, already heard Pavel Lungin, and saw the majority therefore to retell a plot there is no sense at all. However, the need in retelling would not be anyway. Such movies need to be watched.

Spoke and wrote enough about the movie. And it is not surprising. It is a little simple to watch this movie. There is a wish to speak about it, it wants to be discussed, the huge volume of emotions which remained after viewing wants to share with someone. Interesting the situation turns out in spite of the fact that it is possible to call the movie a little specific, apparently, on wide audience obviously not calculated, and precisely it is impossible to call entertaining, it was not ignored. And at the same time, I did not meet any negative review of a picture yet that a big rarity for movies with such noisy reputation.

About Island spoke much because it just is necessary to speak about it. Against the bad taste reigning today and inspirituality when the situation already became habitual that the right hand of the director - the accountant, and left - the specialist in special effects, Island Lungin is an event not only at cinema, this event in Slavic culture.

I about the movie Island learned even not from the Internet, though I spend on it a lot of time. My friend who very much was interested in due time in Orthodoxy (went to church, observed posts, and once on its initiative we even went to the slavyanogorsky monastery to communicate to monks) somehow told me: Look surely Island . It will be pleasant to you. It is very good movie about Orthodoxy. And it was the best advertizing .

Often when speak about something much, after acquaintance there is such feeling that you expected much more. That to Islands my expectations were met completely. Perhaps sounds and it is a little categorical, but I would put Island in one row with Andrei Rublyov Tarkovsky. It is clear, that people watch film to derive pleasure, but not to think of what the director wanted to tell. And Island that not frequent case when the picture was pleasant to much, besides, that the movie obviously not entertaining. In it there are neither expensive special effects, nor the twirled plot, nor large-scale shootings of fights, nor applying for originality of jokes, generally, all with what usually try to attract the viewer. But there is a remarkable scenario of Dmitry Sobolev, magnificent actor`s game of perfectly picked up actors which do not play, and lead life of the heroes.

It is a pity that there are not enough such movies, but, on the other side of them, and cannot be much. It not the next screen version of the comic book made on a template. But it is necessary that in the boundless ocean of Gothic thrillers, glamourous comedy films, cool fighters, large-scale and same it is large - confused epics there was at least one such island.