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What nonconventional dishes can be prepared from potatoes?

Think, I will not be mistaken if I tell that from potatoes except mashed potatoes and fried potato very few people prepare something another. And meanwhile, potatoes dishes there is not one ten. I suggest you to get acquainted with some of them.

Fritters potato on yeast.

Ingredients: on 500 g of potatoes - 1/2 glass of flour, 25 g of yeast, 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

The peeled crude potatoes quickly, in order to avoid darkening to rasp, put in a pan or a bowl, to add the yeast divorced in 1/4 glass of warm water, to salt, pour flour (it is possible to add one egg). It is good to stir and put all this to the warm place for rise. It is necessary to bake fritters on the frying pan which is strongly warmed with oil. To give hot with sour cream or oil.

Potatoes stuffed with mushrooms.

Ingredients: on 1 kg of potatoes - 100 g of mushrooms, 20 g of butter, 50 g of cheese, black ground pepper, salt to taste.

To select average size smooth potatoes. To weld in a small amount of water to semi-readiness. To clear of a peel and on the one hand to make an incision a little that could stand. To take out the middle a spoon so that walls were not thicker than 1 cm. The part which is taken out from potatoes to crush and connect to small cut fried mushrooms. Mix to salt, pepper and stir. To fill with it the potatoes prepared for a farshirovka, having put before it in everyone on a tea spoon of oil. To strew the filled potatoes from above with polished cheese, to place in the oiled deep frying pan and to water with the kindled oil. In a frying pan to pour 100 ml of water. To bake in an oven at a moderate temperature. To give with sour cream or salad.

Pies potato with meat.

Ingredients: on 500 g of potatoes - 1 egg, 100 g of boiled beef or a liver, 1 bulb, a flour spoon, a spoon of butter, 2 h a spoon of sugar, pepper and salt to taste.

To pass warm boiled potatoes via the meat grinder, to add egg (better a yolk), salt to taste, to mix everything. Then to make round flat cakes of this weight. To put on them the prepared forcemeat (boiled beef, onions, sugar, pepper, salt) and to press out edges, keeping a round form, similarity of belyash has to turn out. Pies to sprinkle with flour and to fry. To give hot with oil.

Potato sandwiches.

Ingredients: 4 - 5 potatoes of the average size, 3 - 4 segments of garlic, 1 egg, salt and pepper to taste.

To grate the peeled crude potatoes on a large grater, to put in a small cup. Further to add the garlic passed through a garlick press, egg, salt, pepper to grated potatoes. To mix everything. To cut off slices of bread and on them to put the received weight 1 cm thick. In a frying pan to pour a small amount of the sunflower not refined oil, and when the frying pan is warmed to lay out on it ready sandwiches potato down. To roast from two parties on small fire of 20 - 30 minutes. To give to a table hot.

Culinary experiments pleasant to you!