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How to grow rich by means of essential oil patchoulis?

Sceptics and so a little to what trust, and those who will try to prepare monetary mix or will take monetary advice, perhaps, very much will be surprised. They act!

So, having read at one French forum once that essential oil patchoulis attracts money, I decided to check it on myself. Perhaps, the samonaveivaniye worked, but oil really helped. The purse spread with air was enriched with several notes on the same day from an old debt which to receive already and did not hope.

Wrote off it for a case, but when next day in a coat pocket there was a forgotten ten, and at work pleased with an unexpected award, was delighted - works!

What is told about this unusual property of air of an aromaterapevta? It appears, exotic aroma patchoulis came to us from far India in the 19th century together with fabrics which were brought by merchants. Resistant, warm and a little heavy smell (as on me, began to smell lands after a rain) frightened off mol and gave to fabrics an aura of mystery and wealth. It appears, history of use of essential oil contains patchoulis in the magic purposes several millennia.

Long since was considered that essential oil patchoulis attracts wealth, provides the world, fertility, business success and stability. In many ancient magic books the recipe " is described; fast money .

Here, for example, recipe of a monetary bathtub . It is necessary to add 5 drops patchoulis to bath salt, to mix carefully. Entering a bathtub, present in what way money goes to you. Scroll the picture of the events in the brain, then your imagination will become reality. Take such baths until you feel that achieved the objectives.

One more mix for a monetary bathtub . It is necessary to mix 3 parts of essential oil patchoulis, by one part of air of cinnamon and a cedar.

Here still mix for attraction of abundance and forces of the earth . Mix equal parts of air patchoulis and pines.

Here still recipe fast money . Make magic mix: patchoulis mix seven drops with five drops of oil of a cedar tree. Now rub with this mix a candle and light it. Drip 2 drops of magic mix in aromamedalyon and you carry at yourself. Also grease the purse, a check-book, a plastic card. It is possible to grease money before to spend them - then they will return to you.

Mix for improvement of material welfare : add to the previous mix two drops of essential oil of a nutmeg and one - cinnamon.

! Surely be careful - though air and evaporate very quickly, it is impossible to apply them on skin at all. If air incidentally got into eyes, at once wash out them fat oil - for example, usual sunflower.

Can drip in a purse only air patchoulis and to wait for the wealth. The main thing - always to remember that happiness not in money and even not in their quantity. Be rich with friends and are happy!