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How to become the needlewoman?

or Embroidery: A course of the young fighter

(a grant for beginners)

you cross stitched sometime? Is not present? Or only at manual training at elementary school? You want to try? There is nothing more simply!

The most important in this situation - to decide. Of course, there is a set and other, not less interesting occupations around, but whether it is time to be engaged in something pleasant, useful and new at the same time? Also do not think that you should hide your hobby. In - the first, now needlework becomes fashionable occupation. And in - the second, about a half of your acquaintances on the quiet embroider, just earlier they did not advertize it.

Well, if all - you decided to join to fine, the following item - acquisition. Necessary materials can be bought as in shops, adjacent to your house, and to order on the Internet. The second way it is certain better if you are going to do not the first embroidery moreover and not one any more: again - in - the first, on the Internet the choice is more, everything is also possible quietly and without vanity to look / esteem / count; in - the second, the Internet - shops do not pay for a tenancy therefore they, as a rule, provide the goods much cheaper, than magazin_za_ugly. But if you need only one embroidery a set on test it makes sense to buy it round the corner differently cost the Internet - deliveries in this case will cover a difference in the price and most likely time for delivery will be more, than on personal purchase .

Chose a way of purchase? It was necessary to choose what actually to buy. On sale there is both an outline, and threads, and even schemes - choose to taste. But as we at the beginning of a nice way, it is the best of all to get so-called The Set for embroidery . Both the outline, and the necessary, picked-up for flowers threads, and even almost always a needle enters it.

If the outline white, then is applied to it color or chyorno - the white scheme. It is a calculating cross. There is also a cross printing, to it there is no scheme, but it also is not required: drawing is already applied on an outline, it is necessary only to embroider. The printing cross meets less often and is more expensive.

But for the beginning vyshivalshchik it is better to take printing that the routine of the accountant did not bury under itself inspiration of a rukodelnik. The truth in this case to you can not carry even more: in some sets the put drawing does not coincide with outline cages therefore it is only possible to get confused, and without scheme - not to get out.

Further on the agenda - threads. You think, embroider only a mouline thread? Here not. Very often sets meet woolen threads. Work from wool looks a little is more fluffy from - for slightly sticking out fibers which, by the way, also light reflect so colors of your embroidery will be in some way to play . The lack of woolen threads is that they become thinner so here it is necessary to be accustomed (for example, by a thin thread to do the lower stitch, and then new and not frayed yet - top).

By the way, about stitches. Work will look much more accurately and more attractively if to do all top stitches of crosses in one party. And if suddenly in some place seems to you that here not to make it - try to think up something; I assure you, there is a mass of options at the minimum expenses of a thread to find a way out.

Summing up the result, I want to offer you an optimal variant - a pillow in equipment a printing cross. Drawing of such format will hardly not coincide with an outline; cages are big, a needle massive, threads thick - you should not break eyes and to be irritated from - for the tiny sizes of this or that flower / tail of a pig / nailing in a wall (and on the uncle Freud, big - it is more pleasant); ready work will more often be in the public eye, than the picture, trailing on a wall, so, will give you more pleasures.

Now you are ready to open a new chapter in your life. Put on white socks (from outside it will look very touchingly), sit down more conveniently and forward! I wish you good luck!

PS: Also do not forget to buy a tambour.