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How to respect itself to force, or Healthy egoism on a workplace of

began to seem to you what you began to be appreciated less at work? The quantity of cavils and volumes of instructions pass your critical level? The situation is heated so what the working day does not give joy and satisfaction?

It is necessary to fight against it! You are able to think logically (and still - it is extraordinary), and perfectly understand that in any situation there is a set of exits. It is only necessary to make a choice

For a start be defined why so left as you came to such life. Try to assess objectively a situation, the acts, opportunities and intentions.

Perhaps, you undertake too much. Analyse the duties and compare to carried out. Often happens that in the heat of enthusiasm people grab a set of projects, works and ideas. Remember that the initiative is punishable! The ideas offered by you will force to realize you. It is possible simply to burn down at work, without having calculated the forces.

You allowed to go by itself to whom not laziness. Perhaps, you have such character, or you the young employee, so left You the great worker, executive and non-contentious in any situation. Again - guess to whom will charge an uninteresting and unpromising task?

Or perhaps you it is simple you bury ? You consider yourself as too valuable worker, began to afford a lot of things?

Anyway, it is not necessary to act rashly to strike an attitude and heat a situation. Consider pluses and minuses of the work on this place, think whether this place suits you, or it is necessary to change something.

Several councils:

Take vacation. Next, or at own expense, use compensatory holidays.

It will give you the chance to take rest, think and make a choice. Time of holiday can be used for search of the new place of work.

While the getting is good, reduce the volume of the work. If you consider the duties excessive, you will be able always to convince of it the higher administration.

Do not overwork! You know, the one who cannot well work is forced to work longer. You leave work in time. How? In total shocked? They did not get used to it? Will get used very quickly, you are surprised For a start motivate the strange behavior the circumstances which are not depending on you (Your parents need the help at this time, your new girlfriend set such condition, you need to take away the child). It is necessary to win the right indisputable tone, any requests, it not a favor. Be trained. And certainly, it is necessary to come to work accurately.

Demand to yourself the bigger salary. You can always prove and explain to the management need of it. In any case, you will not lose precisely.

And the most important - remember that your time is highly appreciated! It is your capital asset. Only you solve how it to use and as it will be estimated.

I you can always find for it the best application!