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How to become a chanson star?

On spaces of the CIS countries surely walk music under the name chanson . In translation from French chanson - it is the song. That is what you sang - execute a chanson.

So, we will start.

Let`s say that you young though is not present, frankly speaking, for you it will be better if to you already for 40. And that imagine a twenty-five year star of a chanson. Yes its people will not respect. Who will believe that it already wound terms on a zone? Well, who?

Oh yes nearly forgot if you did not stay at least two terms, then be not even stuck into a chanson. It will be best of all if at you behind shoulders is already criminal past, and not any hooligan, but the real code-bound criminal. And if you spent behind bars the most part of the life, so it in general... To put it briefly, the way to a star Olympus is provided.

Of course, you have to own feny faultlessly, and words in nature and purely specifically have to become a basis of your lexicon.

Also on your hairy breast there have to be tattoos which would show your attitude towards the majority of things, obligatory attribute are domes of church, and drawing which would show for what you sat. On fingers of the right hand there has to be a tattooed year in which you were born, for example, 1962. And on fingers left quantity rings has to correspond to the number of the years spent by you behind bars.

One more important aspect is yours ugly face I apologize, your person as will look at it during solo concerts or clips. Therefore you have to have it suitable, that is, it that on it it would be possible to read all your past. Now choose to yourself an abrupt name, for example, Kalyan in Nature, or Vasya Konkretny, and safely go further.

Now we will deal with lyrics and other nonsense. In - the first, a voice. It is the best of all if you do not have it. If it all - is available, then try to spoil it that it became hoarse and very low as if you smoked five packs Primas in day.

In - the second, and the most important, is lyrics. Yes, lyrics. At a chanson she very rich, but is the best of all not to shine with originality and to sing about old good, and it: heavy gangster destiny, life in prison and stories about how you angry uncles militiamen set for a lattice for absolutely innocent act, for example, contract murder. Do not forget to write several songs about the criminal buddies yet, and that they will take offense, and it for you can have heavy consequences, buddies criminal. Do not forget to mention the heavy childhood and the first crime. Here what approximately at you has to turn out:

Life at me heavy, heavy to me in it it was moved,

Ya of the sucker slammed, here it was necessary to be imprisoned,

Tam I with buddies the mother vospominat,

Mother my already gray-haired, I would embrace her,

Yes life now - a shalava bright, and I wound term behind term.

It is a simple example of a hit of a chanson, in the person is mute mentions practically all that is necessary for success of a song. If you ask how to write a melody, - so it is even simpler. For this purpose just sing a couplet, and your buddy let sings along boom - Central Department Store - boom - Central Department Store. This option is suitable for all songs because the boom - Central Department Store can be sung in different variations, for example, try, the Central Department Store - boom - Central Department Store - boom and will turn out absolutely other song, the next hit.

Here you also became a chanson star, now you need only to be looked round and told: I am a great singer, all respect me, and my cartridges are available for each minibus taxi driver respecting himself .